What is a „Rat Girl Summer“? Meaning, explanation, definition

Rat Girl Summer“ is a current trend on the social media platform TikTok, which is intended to encourage young women in particular to spend the summer outside their own homes. „Rat Girl Summer“ was inspired by the previous „Hot Girl Summer“ and is a re-creation of a famous TikTok woman who called for this new trend in a short video. The idea behind it is that nowadays far too much takes place inside the four walls at home. Instead, young women should take advantage of the beautiful weather of the approaching summer to get outdoors more and experience fun adventures there.

The „Rat Girl Summer“ was sometimes used by many young women to spend more time outdoors, or in nature. This is then also often used to shoot their own videos and thus strengthen the trend „Rat Girl Summer“ even more. The „Rat Girl Summer“ is perceived by many people as a quite positive trend, although there are also a lot of critics.

Since the trend term „Rat Girl Summer“ is still unknown to many people, it will be explained comprehensively in the following article. In addition to a detailed definition of the term, the characteristics, examples and a social classification of this trend will follow.

Definition and meaning of „Rat Girl Summer“

The term „Rat Girl Summer“ originates from the English language and is composed of the three nouns „rat“, „girl“ and „summer“. Combined, „Rat Girl Summer“ translates roughly as „Summer of the Rat Girls“.

This somewhat meaningless translation into English refers to a new trend in which young women are supposed to orient themselves on the behavior and activities of rats. Rats are creatures that are increasingly found outdoors and rummage through places where they are undisturbed by other animals or people. Transferred to the new trend, this means that girls or young women spend more time outdoors and explore their immediate surroundings. However, new acquaintances should also be made in the process and fun situations and experiences should arise as a result.

„Rat Girl Summer“ seems negative at first because of the macabre choice of words, but it has a neutral connotation in itself and also seems quite catchy because of the similarity to „Hot Girl Summer“.

Origin and word origin of „Rat Girl Summer“

The concept behind „Rat Girl Summer“ was defined in the spring of 2023 by a TikTok user named „@lolakola.“ She called for this new trend in her own short video. For this, „@lolakola“ filmed herself walking through her neighborhood. In keeping with the typical behavior of rats, she called on like-minded young girls and women to „scurry through the streets“ and „snack on little snacks“ and „explore places we wouldn’t actually have access to.“

By this, „@lolakola“ meant that girls and young women should „roam around“ outside and explore their surroundings. In doing so, they should experience exciting adventures, meet new people and thus develop themselves. They should do this instead of sitting on the couch and consuming social media as usual. The trend therefore seems quite anachronistic and, not least because of that, so refreshingly different.

Characteristics of the „Rat Girl Summer“

The „Rat Girl Summer“ has the following characteristics and features:

  • Girls and young women deliberately go outdoors more and do not spend the day at home
  • This is done in sporty, comfortable clothing
  • The surrounding area is explored
  • Any actions are filmed and uploaded on TikTok with the reference to „Rat Girl Summer“.
  • Interesting (and sometimes forbidden) places are visited.
  • New experiences are made
  • Meet and get to know new people
  • You can share your experiences with other TikTok users.

How can the „Rat Girl Summer“ be implemented?

In order to implement „Rat Girl Summer“ yourself, you basically don’t need much (which is one of the reasons why this trend is so popular and so easy to implement). What is needed is a smartphone or other mobile device. Furthermore, casual and comfortable clothing is advantageous. Likewise, some equipment can be carried – for example, a backpack, food and hygiene products and tools. Afterwards the choice of the place or the route, on which the „Rat Girl Summer“ is to be converted, must still take place. This can be your own neighborhood, city centers or „lost places“. Then report on social media (namely via TikTok) about one’s own experiences and adventures – preferably via a self-made video.

Social classification of the new „Rat Girl Summer“ trend

The „Rat Girl Summer“ is a phenomenon that can be observed primarily among a very young target group. Accordingly, the main target group can be attributed to the „Y“ and „Alpha“ generations – accordingly, they are under 20 years old. This trend is not usually understood by older people, although „Hot Girl Summer“ may be known in isolated cases and a connection to this new trend may be established.

Criticisms of „Rat Girl Summer“

Although „Rat Girl Summer“ is a comparatively harmless and refreshing trend among young people, it is sharply criticized in many places. It is often criticized that it is just another pointless trend that simply sells old familiar things in a new guise. There is also criticism that going to „forbidden places“ can also be associated with danger. Especially girls and young women can become victims of violent crime in remote and dangerous areas. Also criticized is the sometimes blind obedience of the TikTok community. Thus, in the eyes of the critics, someone always has to set a trend before such behaviors are adapted.

Conclusion on the subject of „Rat Girl Summer“

So, in summary, „Rat Girl Summer“ is a new TikTok trend that has been around since the spring of 2023 and was created by TikToker „@lolakola“. It describes the new trend of spending more time outside during the summer and going to forbidden places or meeting new people.

The „Rat Girl Summer“ trend is related to the „Hot Girl Summer“ trend and the somewhat older „Lost Places“ trend. While the „Hot Girl Summer“ generally refers to a fun summer in sexually attractive clothing, the „Lost Places“ trend means that forbidden and forgotten places are visited.

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