What is a „Sunset Lamp“? Explanation, effect, meaning, definition

A so-called „sunset lamp“ is a special type of luminaire that usually casts an impressive cone of light in warm, red-orange light on the wall via a sophisticated projection mechanism. This intense red-orange light cone makes the entire light in the room resemble the fascinating light produced by a breathtaking sunset. This natural-looking lighting mood, which creates a relaxing atmosphere, is currently an extremely popular tool on the social media platform TikTok for taking uniquely atmospheric and creative photos and thus inspiring numerous followers.

How does the „Sunset Lamp“ work? Explanation

As a rule, most of the models that are currently available for purchase are projection lamps. They project a round cone of warm, red-orange light onto walls or other surfaces in front of which they are placed. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the colour of the light cone is more or less intense and the size of the light cone varies. What all models have in common, however, and what makes them particularly attractive, is that they create a beautiful lighting atmosphere and, thanks to the relatively sharply defined light cone, create the potential for unique, artistically appealing photos.

Why are „Sunset Lamps“ currently so popular? Effect

The lighting effect and mood created by „Sunset Lamps“ is also known in photography as „Golden Hour“ and is actually an absolute godsend for any photographer. Normally, this special lighting mood occurs only rarely, when the sun sets particularly impressively and bathes the surroundings in a warm, almost magical light. As a rule, this light only occurs naturally shortly before or shortly after sunset – so photographers not only have to be lucky to catch a golden hour for their photo shoots at all, but then also have to be quick to take as many pictures as possible in the special light.

With „Sunset Lamps“ it is now suddenly very easy to use this special light for photography. Photographers no longer have to hope to get lucky with the light for their shoots, but can simply switch on a sunset lamp.

Do the TikTok videos with „Sunset Lamps“ correspond to reality?

As is so often the case on social media, it is fair to ask how real the impressive videos and photos with „Sunset Lamps“ on TikTok really are. However, depending on the lamp model, most of the lamps really do shine in a very intense orange-yellow and bathe rooms in fascinating light. So with most manufacturers, the lamp really comes very close to the unique light of a breathtaking sunset. Especially in darker rooms or photo settings, the light cone and thus the effect of the lamps comes into its own extremely well.

The most important thing is to choose a good distance between the wall or model and the lamp. Since it is a projection, even a few metres can make a big difference in how sharp and defined the light cone is or how diffuse the light is distributed in the room. If the light is distributed in the room, the impressive effect of the „Sunset Lamp“ is quickly lost in a diffuse orange. This explains why in most pictures on TikTok the lamp is placed relatively close to the photo subject.

Conversely, this means that it is difficult to illuminate an entire photo set with a „Sunset Lamp“. Rather, it should be used as a creative accent that creates atmospheric highlights in the photograph.

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