What is a Sigma Grindset? Meaning, definition, explanation, memes

A grindset is simply a mindset of grind. So what does that mean exactly?

What is a Sigma Grindset? Meaning, definition, explanation, memes

Grindset“ refers to a mindset in which someone focuses all their time and resources on achieving a business goal in order to ultimately become very rich.

Those who are in the grindset live only for their work, their project or their company. The goal here is success, which is strongly rewarded monetarily.

Whoever lives the grindset consciously neglects friends, family, fun and recreation 100 percent. He or she really lives only for work or career. Everything else is considered a distraction from the goal of becoming successful and rich. (Some people in the Grindset consider friends, family, or a relationship to be distractions from their goals. Therefore, they avoid everything. This is sometimes lived in such a way that it is recommended to avoid a partner before the age of 30).

In a grindset, one does not work as one person, but as two people.

The „grindset“ exists in the sphere of „hustle culture“.

The English expression „grind“ means „hard work“ in German. By „hard work“ is meant partly boring, tedious or monotonous work that hopefully pays off in the end.

What is the „Sigma Grindset“? Explanation

The term „Sigma“ alludes to the „Sigma Male„. The „Sigma Male“ is the theory of a successful independent male who exists outside of a social hierarchy. In a narrower sense – in the context of the theory – the Sigma male is an introverted Alpha male (Chad). In other words, he is an Alpha without social obligations and responsibilities.

Now, when the „Sigma Grindset“ is spoken of, it usually refers to a man trying to get rich with cryptocurrencies, stocks, or ETF.

In the „Sigma Grindset“, activity in social media is also part of it. This is where you share with the world that you’re grindin‘. (Social media isn’t about building relationships with others at all, it’s about portraying that you’re successful or working on your success. To that end, successes are shared, but tips and motivational sayings are also posted).

„Sigma Grindset“ schedules are also available. These include a highly structured day designed to ensure success. The Sigma gets up at the same time each day, takes a cold shower and eats breakfast. This is followed by the workout. Once this is complete, the work begins.

The target group for the „Sigma Grindset“ is presumably young men between the ages of 20 and 30.

Sigma Grindset on social media

The „Sigma Grindset“ is spoken of in social media sometimes in full seriousness and sometimes in irony. The grindset is also parodied to show its one-sidedness. (For example, it is spoken of the „Septtrillionaire grindset“; which is nonsense, since no one will earn such a sum of money).

Motivational content about the „grindset“ is shared on social media. This is to spur others to grind as well.

On the topic of „Sigma Grindset“, the following people are shown arguably living their „Sigma Grindset“: Heisenberg from Breaking Bad or Elon Musk. „Wolf of Wallstreet“ is also repeatedly thematized.

Other meaning of Sigma Grindset

Grindset is a portmanteau of the words „grind“ and „mindset.“

The „Sigma Grindset“ is largely a parody of Hustle Culture on social. However, it also parodies social media participants who only share content about success, wealth, and the right „mindset.“ Accordingly, the conclusion can be drawn here that life should be about something else than just working.

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