What is a Sigma male? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Sigma male“ is a term used to describe men who are self-confident and go their own way and are not interested in power, prestige or status.

A „sigma male“ is an introverted alpha male.

What is a Sigma male? Meaning, definition, explanation

The „Sigma male“ stands outside the social hierarchy of alpha, beta and gamma males.

This hierarchy is the idea of how men order themselves in a society or how they are ordered. Alpha males are the successful and dominant men who are popular with women. Beta males are men you marry and raise your children with. They are not the best lovers. Gamma males are men without status, success and self-confidence. They usually remain single and childless. Partly among the gammas are still called the omegas. About women it is said that they desire alpha males and want to bind them to themselves. (Note: This is a theory!)

The „Sigma male“  stands outside of this hierarchy. He simply does not participate.

Character and description: Sigma Male

The sigma male is the lone wolf. He is a wanderer. He goes his own way. The sigma male does not participate in hierarchies. He does not participate in competitions (for status and prestige). He is not part of a group of men. (Thus, he also lacks connections, a secure network, and high social status).

The sigma male is not interested in power, prestige and status. He deliberately does not want an alpha male position.

A sigma male does not invest energy in building relationships. He does not invest energy in climbing hierarchies.

For the sigma male, hierarchies and connections are always fragile. That means they can easily collapse and change. That is why he is not interested in hierarchies.

The sigma male is an introverted alpha male. (sigma males have similar traits and characteristics to alpha males – but without their social status). In essence, the sigma male does not want the social responsibility of the alpha male! That’s the core! Managing and leading relationships is too much effort for the sigma male. The reward is too low.

Features: Sigma male

  • The sigma male is always calm and at peace with himself.
  • He does not have many friends. Nor does he want many friends.
  • A sigma male does not seek the approval and confirmation of others.
  • A sigma male does not care what others do.
  • A sigma male does not care what others think about him.
  • A sigma male usually has a high intelligence and (philosophical) thinking gives him great pleasure.
  • The sigma male refuses to follow ideas and rules that he considers pointless and inefficient.
  • Women find sigma males attractive.
  • Sigma males are sometimes so secretive that it is difficult to get close to them.
  • A sigma male is not interested in the mainstream.

Sigma male love their freedom and independence. They can be as efficient as they want, since they don’t have to take anyone into consideration.

The sigma male trusts himself. He takes care of his own destiny, existence and advancement.

sigma males can finance their lives in different ways. Some take jobs when they need money. When they have enough money, they give up the job and pursue their interests. Some Sigma Males live off their assets. Some Sigma Males are self-employed and have built a successful business.

Sigma male: Psychology

The sigma male is a rhetorically gifted and charming independent man who gets along well with himself.

The sigma male lives by his own rules. He does not have to submit to anyone except the laws, the police, and the IRS.

Being a sigma male is something you have to work for. It requires a lot of work on one’s own personality and soul to recognize and eradicate one’s weaknesses and to strengthen one’s self-confidence.

A sigma male must know his shadow, his dark sides and his inner demons well. Ideally, he has integrated his shadow. But this is only possible if he is honest with himself and radically honest! (Becoming like that and being able to do that takes a lot of time).

Sigma males have friends. Yes, quality over quantity applies here. It’s just that sigma males don’t feel the need to see their friends several times a week. When they do see their friends, these become very intense encounters.

How are sigma males created?

The sigma male arises out of necessity. Sigma males are introverted. This means being around people a lot robs them of energy. They have no interest in small talk and everyday conversation. They also don’t want to talk about themselves every day. So they withdraw and seek activities where they can restore energy.

How real is the sigma male?

Well, self-talk should also have a certain quality. If you get along well with yourself and actively shape your own free time instead of passively consuming it, you have a good chance of living a nice Sigma life.

However, one important distinction all sigma males and „sigma male“ Wannabes should know: The distinction between being alone and being lonely. Those who are lonely suffer from it. Those who are alone have no problem with other people being absent.

Those who think they are a „sigma male“ because of social outcastness, social incompetence, or social cluelessness have not understood the sigma male. For the sigma male voluntarily refrains from seeing his friends often. He voluntarily does not participate in social events because his freedom and independence are more important to him. (The sigma male has recognized his inner needs. He knows what is good for him and what is not).

Example: If you like to hike tens (20+) of kilometers, you will have a hard time finding support from your circle of friends for this unusual hobby. (That’s ok, because not everyone shares your hobbies with a passion like you do). So you just hike alone and that offers advantages. You can set your own pace and breaks. Yes, there can even be something spiritual found in hiking. One hikes to oneself! And if one already does something alone, then why not with joy?

Sigma male in reality and media

Keanu Reeves could be described as a sigma male. He goes his own way and when he stands out, it’s usually in a positive way.

Harbard from Vikings is a sigma male. He is a wanderer who briefly interacts with the characters but does not live with them, yet has a lasting impact on their fate.

The Doctor from Doctor Who is a sigma male.

More about the sigma male

Are there also „sigma females“? This is not known to the editors.

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