What is a Passenger Princess? Explanation, Meaning, Definition

A „Passenger Princess“ is a woman who likes to be driven from A to B by her boyfriend or a friend. However, the „Passenger Princess“ never intends to drive herself or even learn to drive.

What is a Passenger Princess? Explanation, meaning, definition

The Passenger Princess likes to be driven around by her boyfriend or someone else. The Passenger Princess prefers to be a passenger and gives directions on where to go.

So the Passenger Princess uses her boyfriend or a friend as a free cab and chauffeur.

While the driver is busy driving, the Passenger Princess has time for her smartphone, social media or selfies.

The male version also exists: „Passenger Prince“.

Origin of Passenger Princess:

The phrase „Passenger Princess“ became popular on Twitter in January 2020. At the time, Twitter user @ohthatwelshguy shared a post about how his dog always rode as a passenger. @ohthatwelshguy wrote „She loves being the passenger princess.“ The dog was dubbed „Passenger Princess“ in this post. The hashtag #PassengerPrincess was used. This quickly went viral.

In 2022, the phrase „Passenger Princess“ became popular on TikTok, where it spread. In the spring of 2023, „Passenger Princess“ became popular again on TikTok.

The true origin of the expression „Passenger Princess“ might be in the motorcycle and biker scene. Passenger Princess“ here refers to women who only ride along as decorative accessories in the sidecar and on the motorcycle.

By the way, there are over 600 million video entries on TikTok for the hashtag #passengerprincess.

Criticism of the Passenger Princess

One can accuse the „Passenger Princess“ of degrading her boyfriend or a friend to a chauffeur or free cab. At the same time, however, it must also be said that this friend allows this to happen.

The „Passenger Princess“ can also be accused of being selfish. Because the favor that she drives someone from A to B, she does not want and will not return.

So with a „Passenger Princess“ you can always feel taken advantage of. Because this is not a 50/50 relationship.

But it could also be that the „Passenger Princess“ is only „Passenger Princess“ because she is afraid of driving. This is where an inquiry could help.

Another reason that a „Passenger Princess“ is only „Passenger Princess“ could be that her boyfriend won’t let her drive his car because he’s afraid she might crash.

BUT: A look at social media reveals that the many Passenger Princesses use the car ride for selfies. This confirms the accusation of selfishness among many.

Are Passenger Princess bad passengers?

A good passenger is usually a person who helps the driver get to the destination safely and well.

Characteristics of a good passenger:

Support: a good passenger supports the driver and gives instructions when needed, such as what route to take.

Vigilance: A good co-driver is alert and attentive. He can help the driver to recognize possible dangers early and to react to obstacles.

Communication: A good co-driver communicates clearly. The co-driver provides the driver with information about traffic, road conditions, and directions. He or she also answers questions from the driver.

Characteristics of a bad co-driver:

A bad front-seat passenger can distract and confuse the driver, endangering everyone in the car.

Distraction: A bad passenger can distract the driver, for example, by talking too much or engaging the driver in unnecessary conversation.

Panic: A bad passenger may also panic and react uncontrollably. This can distract and unsettle the driver.

Incorrect information: A bad co-driver may also give the driver incorrect or inaccurate information, which can lead to confusion and poor decisions.

Summary: A good passenger can help the driver drive safely and in a relaxed manner. A bad passenger can cause agitation and stress.

A Passenger Princess who is only preoccupied with herself, at worst watching videos or listening to the news, is a bad passenger.

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