What does „Vladdy Daddy“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Vladdy Daddy“ is a nickname for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The connotation of „Vladdy Daddy“ is that he is masculine and has authority.

„Vladdy Daddy“ is used in a sexualized or ironic way. The term can also be used to ridicule the addressee.

Where does the expression „Vladdy Daddy“ come from? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Vladdy Daddy“ is made up of two words: The word „Daddy“ means something like „Papa“ or „Father“ in German. Children address their father with this term of endearment. Since 2010, „Daddy“ has increasingly been used with a sexual connotation. Men whose sexual charisma or power is to be emphasized are addressed as „Daddy“.

The addition „Vladdy“ is a belittlement of Putin’s first name Vladimir. This nickname of Putin is primarily used by young people in social networks. The abbreviation expresses an apparent closeness to Putin.

The compound term „Vladdy Daddy“ has been increasingly used since 2016. Anonymous individuals in particular use it to ridicule Donald Trump. Users joke about Trump’s subservience to Putin.

In August 2018, the user „leachwarren“ posts a fanfiction about Putin and Trump on the portal „Daily KOS.“ This is called „Putin’s Punk or (Who’s your Vladdy Daddy?)“. Here, a sexual relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is brought to life. In this one, Putin finds himself in a position of power.

Since the late 2010s, there have been numerous memes that address the relationship between Putin and Trump. In this, Putin is usually placed in a powerful position over Trump.

Why do young people call Putin „Vladdy Daddy“? Explanation, meaning

Originally, Putin was attributed the name Vladdy Daddy because Trump’s behavior toward him was submissive. This conspicuous submissiveness of the former American president was drawn into a sexualized relationship and thus ridiculed.

However, teenagers also use the term to treat Putin with respect because of his position of power. As „Vladdy Daddy,“ they attribute to him a father position in addition to his power.

In what contexts is the term „Vladdy Daddy“ used?

In the late 2010s, „Vladdy Daddy“ was primarily a term of memes. The relationship between Putin and Trump was sexualized and ridiculed. This expression also circulated in portals where fanfictions could be written and read. Here, Vladimir Putin’s superiority to Trump was thematized, as was Trump’s subservience, to the delight of readers.

Since the crisis between Russia and Ukraine came to a head in 2022, the term „Vladdy Daddy“ has increasingly found a place on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. As a hashtag or catchphrase, VladdyDaddy appears in the trends of such networks. There, it is often associated with pleas from young people. They hope that Putin will stop threatening them and stop the approaching war or the war that has broken out. Well-known TikTokers or Youtubers send messages or video messages to accounts in Putin’s name. In them, they use „Vladdy Daddy“ to address the president. Also, VladdyDaddy is put under the messages or used in their title. Posts in the social networks with these keywords are currently receiving high click numbers.

In some cases, the authors of such messages also use the expression in a supposed attempt to shake Putin up. They say that with his current behavior he is „not himself.“ They also express the wish that he would come down and change his mind.

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