What is Divine Feminine? Meaning, explanation, definition

The Divine Feminine phenomenon is about women discovering their feminine energy. At first, this sounds like self-care and power, but it’s just a TikTok trend that shows how sophisticated today’s oppression works.

What is „Divine Feminine?“ Meaning, explanation, definition

In „Divine Feminine“, „divine“ and „feminine“ are combined in one term. For some, this will immediately evoke a sexual meaning, which is indeed what is meant by „Divine Feminine“. But not exclusively. With „Divine Feminine“ one has reached the point where language becomes speechless. The Christian worldview has demonized femininity and made it taboo. This means that if something is feminine, it cannot be divine or sacred at the same time. Especially in the social media, people have been talking about the so-called „Divine Feminine Energy“ for some time. What is meant by this is – as I said – divine and feminine energy. According to the advocates, this energy makes many things possible. If women have a bad time or are overburdened in life, this is immediately attributed to the imbalance of the energy distribution. One then possesses too much masculine energy or too little of the divine, feminine energy. But is this phenomenon really tenable?

Weak women possess too much masculine energy

Women who are not fully in their feminine energy are said to have too much of the masculine energy in them. At least, that’s how energy advocates on social media describe it. When talking about the masculine or feminine energy, this exchange of conversation is usually found in an esoteric bubble on TikTok. This is because these two terms position themselves somewhere between self-care and spirituality.

For example, one side states that psychological disorders or problems are due to the imbalance of energies. The other side vehemently denies these statements and explicitly rejects these accusations. The reason for this is quite simple: namely, they fear that these statements could cause a huge regression, which could bring outdated thought patterns (role models).

Is the „Divine Feminine Energy“ a reality?

In today’s world, it is almost frowned upon to behave in a gender-typical way. That’s why the „Divine Feminine“ movement is drawing negative attention to itself. But no matter how much you wish it, women and men are just different. This doesn’t even have to be about outdated thought patterns, but rather about the fact that different characteristics are attributed to men and women. It can be argued about how many differences between women and men are now genetically determined or which were caused by society. Ultimately, however, it is the case that men are often physically superior to women. The male body is simply more durable than the female. This statement is by no means an anti-feminism assumption. Rather, it is a realistic perspective on gender and the functions of the human body.

Nowadays, it should be no secret that everyone (male as well as female) has forgotten how to relax and just „be“. And if this is now described as „Divine Feminine Energy“, a part of society just wants to give expression to this phenomenon. Unfortunately, this discussion is also accompanied by well-founded anger against old role patterns and the differentiation of the sexes. However, if one takes a look at the meditation and consciousness market, one will notice that it has been exploding for years. If one would name this thus after Esoterik energies, the complete mankind is only still „working“. A large part of mankind, no matter whether woman or man, is too much in the masculine energies, whose excess is harmful for everyone.

Back to old role models?

Somewhat frightening about this phenomenon are the attributes attributed to both energies. According to this, the masculine energy tends to be decisive, disciplined, analytical, and goal-oriented, whereas the feminine energy tends to be spontaneous, empathic, emotional, passive, caring, and, of course, beautiful. You could say a goddess does not think, but acts according to her heart. She then tends to leave the big debates and careers to people who have more masculine energy.

If one would consider this aspect now in terms of relationships, it looks then as follows: He goes to work and brings in the money, while she submissively takes care of the household. She would then call it her „destiny“. Thanks to the goddess energy, she can quietly endure humiliation and bad behavior and also leaves the stage of glory to him. Besides, she should not brag about the successes, because the „Divine Masculine“ finds that extremely unattractive.

A user on TikTok has raved about their perfect relationship. He allows her to live out her complete feminine side. This means that when she goes to a restaurant, he pays for the meal, takes the lead, holds the car door open, and at the same time treats her like a princess. Actually, our society is long past such simple gender concepts, but they are apparently celebrating their comeback in social media under the camouflage of „self-care“.

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