What does „Suiii“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Suiii“ is a spelling variant of Christano Ronaldo’s famous goal celebration „Siuuu“.

What does „Suiii“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

Why one version spreads as „Siuuu“ and one as „Suiii“ is unknown to the editors. The grammatically correct version is „Siuuu“. Here’s why.

Cristiano Ronaldo expressed in an internal interview with DAZN Italia in 2019 that the cheer just came to him one day. He scored a goal, jumped in the air with joy and shouted loudly „SIUUU“.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Portuguese. He played for Real Madrid (Hala Madrid) from 2009 to 2018. The Spanish expression for „yes“ is „si.“ The Portuguese expression for „yes“ is „sim“.

At the Spanish club Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo started using the expression „Si“. He also expressed this in the DAZN Italia interview of 2019. This „Si“ just developed into „SIUUU“.

With this, „Siuuu“ or „Suiii“ simply means „YESSSS!“ in English. It is a goal cheer and shout of joy, which is shouted and called when you score a goal.

Variant of „Suiii“ are:

  • Suiii
  • Suiiii
  • Suiiiii

Distribution of Suiii

„SUIII“ is a song created by PaleWing. The song was released in 2021.

On YouTube, you can find countless videos and memes of Christiano Ronaldo shouting „Suiii“. There are also countless videos of Christiano Ronaldo shouting „Suiii“ on TikTok.

The „Suiii“ shout has been spreading in Germany since October 2021. This is the period since Google has been receiving increased search queries for „Suiii“. However, „Siuuu“ is searched for more strongly and more often.

The call „Siuu“ or „Suiii“ has now become widespread in sports. Other soccer players also use the call to celebrate a goal. Here the call is divided into two parts. First „Si“ is called and then „uuu“ in low tones.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo? Suiii

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best offensive players in the world. He won countless prizes and awards and broke one record after another. In national tournaments he won over 18 titles in England, Spain and Italy. Internationally, the multiple award-winning World Player, Footballer of the Year and Portugal’s Footballer of the Century won a total of twelve titles in the Champions League, Uefa Super Cup and as a club World Champion. Throughout his career, he was named top scorer over 20 times and record goalscorer 5 times. As captain of the Portuguese national team, he became European champion in 2016. He enchants the soccer world with his excellent playing style.

The first steps to success

At the age of 12, Ronaldo moved to Sporting Lisbon. In 2003, he played simultaneously for the U16, U17, U18 and professional teams. In just his second game for the senior team, he scored two goals in the win. He attracted the attention of the first big clubs with his fast, tricky style of play, especially Manchester United.

Further development and promotion

Ronaldo moved to Manchester United at the age of 18 and developed into a creative world footballer. He is a versatile attacking player who can play ambidextrously on the wings and up front. His versatile tricks and lightning-fast dribbles make him red-hot in front of goal. His trademark is the multiple overhead kick, and he is also one of the fastest soccer players in the world. With his excellent bounce and height, he scored over 100 headed goals. During his playing time he won three national championships and the Champions League in 2008.

Records, records, records

A childhood dream came true for Ronaldo with a record 94Mio Euro move to Real Madrid. The new club’s tactical style of play made him even more capable of scoring goals. In over 400 competitive games, he scored an average of more than one goal, became a record goalscorer four times and won four more Champions League titles. He later developed into a penalty area striker, scoring into the corner at very short goal distances with few touches of the ball.

„A new stage in life“

Ronaldo no longer felt indispensable at his dream club and asked for a transfer. In 2018, he moved again to Juventus Turin with a record sum. Here he played in various positions and twice won the Italian championship title.

At the age of 36, Ronaldo returned to Manchester United. He broke the next records with his 178th Champions League appearance and 807 competitive goals, becoming a record-breaking player once again. In his club’s overall disappointing season, he was the only top performer.

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