What does „Siuuu“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Siuuu“ is Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous goal celebration.

In this article you will learn how it was created.

What does „Siuuu“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation, origin

The cheer „Siuuu“ originated while Cristiano Ronaldo was playing for Real Madrid. 2009 to 2018. (See also: Hala Madrid)

As Cristiano Ronaldo told in an interview with DAZN Italia (in 2019), the call just came to him one day. He scored a goal, jumped in the air and shouted „SIUUU“.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Portuguese. When he played for the Spanish team Real Madrid, he started saying „Si“. („Si“ is Spanish and means „Yes“ in english.) In Portuguese, the term „Sim“ is used for „Yes.“

Cristiano Ronaldo went on to tell in the DAZN Italia interview that he started saying „Si“ at Real Madrid, and when the team won, everyone would shout „SI!“ loudly. This shout eventually evolved naturally into SIUUU.

Spread of SIUUU

When Cristiano Ronaldo first called out „SIUUU“ is not known to the editorial team. YouTube has uploads from seven years ago and countless videos showing Cristiano Ronaldo shouting „SIUUU.“ (A video from 2016 showing Christiano Ronaldo shouting „SIUUU“ has over 13 million views).

Search interest in „SIUU“ rose sharply in Germany starting in August 2021. From that month, many started searching for „SIUUU“. (Source Google Trends)

Other spellings:

  • Siuu
  • Siuuu
  • Siuuuu
  • Suiii
  • Suuiii
  • Suuuiii
  • Suuiiii

There is no hard and fast rule here.

On TikTok there was even a Siuuu Challenge in January 2022. The task was to call out „Siuuu“.

Meanwhile, the „Siuuu“ shout is also used as a general shout of joy. On social media, people sometimes end their posts with „Siuuu“.

Meaning of SIUUU

Editor’s comment: The English and American know it too. If someone wins, they shout and scream „YESSSS“ loudly. Therefore the „SIUUU“ call is not so far-fetched. It is simply a „yes“ shout that has been stretched out.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo? SIUUU

Cristiano Ronaldo’s full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro and he is a professional football player from Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo is playing for Manchester United and is captain as well as record player of the Portuguese national team.

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on February 5, 1985 in Funchal County, the capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira. His middle name „Ronaldo“, he received after the then US President Ronald Reagan. He grew up with his brother and two sisters in simple circumstances.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s father worked as a municipal gardener and a janitor, and his mother was a cook in a restaurant. His father was a serious alcoholic and died in 2005 at the age of 51.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the father of 5 five children. His partner Georgina Rodríguez gave birth to twins in April 2022. The son died shortly after birth, the daughter survived.
Career and achievements of Cristiano Ronaldo

In the youth academy of Sporting Lisbon Cristiano Ronaldo was used in the right midfield and went through all youth teams. At the age of 18, Cristiano Ronaldo was signed by Manchester United for 17.5 million euros and the left wing became his permanent position. After that, Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid and Juventus Turin soccer clubs. At the end of August 2021 he returned to Manchester United at the age of 36.

Cristiano Ronaldo played his first international match for the Portuguese national team in 2003 and scored a total of 117 goals in 189 competitive matches. With 117 goals, he is the sole world record holder.
For club teams, he scored 635 times in 803 competitive matches and was crowned top scorer 19 times.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been named World Footballer of the Year 5 times and at club level has won the Champions League 5 times and the Ballon d’Or 5 times. He became English champion 3 times, Spanish champion 2 times and Italian champion 2 times. Cristiano Ronaldo won the Spanish Cup 2 times, the Italian Cup 1 time and the English Cup 1 time. With Portugal he was able to become European champion and win the UEFA Nations League.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been investing in hotels since 2015 and has been involved in the construction of 7 hotels since then. Cristiano Ronaldo’s estimated wealth in 2022 is 500 million euros. He is the only footballer who has earned more than 1 billion euros in his career. With over 500 million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo is by far the most popular athlete on social media.

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