What does Sali Bonani / Salibonani mean? Memes, Meaning, Definition, Explanation

„Salibonani“ translates into English as „Welcome, good day“. The expression „Salibonani“ comes from the language of the South African people Ndebele, who live in Zimbabwe.

Among the Ndebele, „Salibonani“ is a greeting song.

What does Sali Bonani / Salibonani mean? Memes, meaning, definition, explanation.

„Sali Bonani“ is also the title of a song that was published on the YouTube channel „Drumming & Singing“ on July 3, 2016. In the spring and summer of 2022, excerpts of the song „Sali Bonani“ went viral on TikTok and attracted a lot of attention.

The song’s virality can be easily seen and tracked on Google Trends. There you can see how searches (on Google) for „Sali Bonani“ and „Salibonai“ increased from April. At the end of April, there was a temporary peak in search queries and since then, search interest has dropped somewhat, but there are still strong searches for both terms on Google.

The music video for „Sali Bonani“ features a happy smiling Rosy who is in a playground, drumming and singing. (She uses a djembe as her drum.) She sings „Sali Bonani“ countless times, as well as „Beautiful Good Morning.“

The song „Sali Bonani“ probably went viral because of Rosy’s visually-illustrated cheerfulness. This cheerfulness is unmissable, contagious and thus has absolute meme character.

Why Rosy is called „Trommel Ute“ in the TikTok videos is unknown to the editors.

Sali Bonani: Playground, pirate ship

The creator of the video also revealed in a „Behind the Scene“ video where the playground and the pirate ship are located. It is the playground at the Rothsee lake. About 30 kilometers south of Nuremberg, Bavaria.

Pronounced „Sali Bonani“ as „sali bo-na-nie.“

There are two different spellings of the expression. Once all two words are written together as one (Salibonani) and once the words are separated. (Sali Bonani) Both variants are equivalent.

The song „Sali Bonani“ has inspired two remixes. So among other things, a remix of NoooN and Eggar.

Sali Bonani / Salibonani: Meme, TikTok

By the way, there are more songs on „Drumming & Singing“. So among others „Simama kaa“.

Meanwhile, a remix of „Bling Bling“ (by twenty4tim) and Sali Bonani was also released on social media in June 2022.

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