What does „Gommemode“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The term „Gommemode“ goes back to the german Minecraft-YouTuber „GommeHD“.

When you are in „Gommemode“ in Minecraft, you are invincible, can manipulate blocks at will and have all rights.

„Gommemode“ is part of Langenscheidt’s Youth Words of the Year 2022 voting. „Gommemode“ is described here as „infinitely strong“ and „invincible“.

How do you pronounce „Gommemode“? Pronunciation

The word „Gommemode“ is pronounced as follows: „Gomme“ is pronounced in German. „Mode“ is pronounced in English. (The English word „mode“ means „mode“ in German.

Pronounce „Gommemode“ as follows. Pronounce „Gomme“ like „komme“ but with a „g“ at the beginning. Pronounce the English word „mode“ like this: „mowd“.

So: Gomme-mowd

Where does „gommemode“ come from? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Gommemode“ is already quite an old word. It already spread on the German Internet in the mid-2010s. At that time, the song „Wenn der Gommemode an geht! (Die Gomme Hymne)“ caused the expression to spread.

In the song it is sung about the fact that GommeHD has his own Minecraft server and thus his own world. In this one, he can do whatever he wants. In this world, he is „a god.“ When the Gomme mode is activated, PVP battles are no problem.

If the YouTuber GommeHD activates Gommemode, he becomes invincible, indestructible and can manipulate the Minecraft world as he wants. Gommemode means something like „having admin rights“. In other games, one would speak of „god mode“.

For GommeHD and Gommemode, GommeHD is somewhat revered and celebrated in his community. Therefore, „Gommemodus“ was also formed as another term for „admin rights“ in reference to GommeHD’s name. „Gommemodus“ is more or less a running gag and meme in the GommeHD community.

Editor’s note: Many players participate in a Minecraft server. These are given some rights and privileges. Thus, they cannot do everything in the game that is possible. However, it is always possible that an admin or someone with admin rights gives himself all the rights, which allows him to do just more than normal users. (Example: On some servers it is forbidden and even not possible to remove certain blocks. If you are in „Gommemode“, you can still remove the blocks. Who is in gommemode has admin rights).

Who is GommeHD? GommeHD is a Minecraft YouTuber who has been active on YouTube for over ten years. He created his channel in 2012. GommeHD had over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube in 2022.

Editor’s comment: The lifespan (in terms of how long they are and remain relevant) of YouTubers varies greatly. Some are only active and relevant for a few years, and then disappear into irrelevance. That YouTubers manage to stay active and relevant for more than ten years is quite an achievement. (In my eyes, long-term YouTubers who are still relevant are YouTubers like Gronkh and Unge).

Gommemode: youth word, meaning, definition, explanation

The phrase „gommemode“ is in the 2022 Langenscheidt Youth Word of the Year ballot.

In Langenscheidt, „gommemode“ is described as being „infinitely strong“ and „defeatable“. Exactly how the term „gommemode“ is used is not clear from the listing. (In video games, you can get into gommemode, but in real life, strictly speaking, you can’t).

YouTuber GommeHD probably has his community or Reddit community r/OkBrudiMongo to thank for „gommemode“ being up for election as Youth Word of the Year 2022. Something similar happened in 2021 with the expression „papatastic.“ „Papatastisch“ is not a praise for fathers, but is derived from the name of the streamer Papaplatte.

Since GommeHD is still active and relevant, the notoriety of the expression „Gommemode“ is justified; even if here again a small community strongly influenced the voting.

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