What does pendejo mean in English? Translation, meaning

„Pendejo“ is Spanish and means as a noun in English:

  • A**hole
  • dumbass
  • Moron
  • Idiot
  • boy
  • dolt
  • Moron
  • See also: Cabron

What does „pendejo“ mean in English? Meaning, explanation, translation

„Pendejo“ is a mild Spanish insult and swear word. „Pendejo“ is said to someone who treats others badly. „Pendejo“ is also said to losers and losers, and to people who are clumsy and stupid. „Pendejo“ is also a term for cowards and scaredy-cats. Partly, „pendejo“ is also translated as „brat“.

„Pendejo“ is a more serious insult than „estúpido“. „Estúpido“ means something like „stupid nut“ or „goofball“ in English. Estúpido is also a very lighter insult.

„Pendejo“ should not be said to Spaniards or Spanish-speaking people. They might react physically to this insult.

Context strongly determines how „pendejo“ is understood. If one has a friendly relationship with a person called „pendejo,“ the result is different than if a stranger is addressed as „pendejo.“

„Pendejo“ is pronounced as follows: (Please pronounce it as English as possible) „Penn-decho“.

„Eres un pendejo“ means „You are a pendejo“ in English.

The feminine form of „el pendejo“ is „la pendeja“.

As an adjective, „pendejo“ means in English: „stupid“, „simple-minded“ or „cowardly“.

„Pendejada“ is Spanish and means „stupidity“ or „idiocy“ in English. A „pendejada“ is something or a thing that is nonsensical, stupid and a waste of time.

Meaning and origin of pendejo

„Pendejo“ also means „pubic hair.“ In its original Latin meaning, „pendejo“ derives from the Latin term for pubic hair „pecten“.

In the 16th century, pendejo developed as a derogatory term for pubescent teenagers who were semi-strong and cocky, as well as having little pubic hair. „Pendejo“ became a term like „jerk,“ „whistle,“ or „idiot,“ precisely to make fun of the behavior of pubescent teenagers and teenagers themselves. From the 19th century, pendejo evolved into an insult. Today, „pendejo“ is always understood as an insult in Spanish slang and colloquial language.

Pendejo is said and understood in the Spanish-speaking world. People in Spain, Central America and Latin America understand „pendejo.“ Spanish immigrants in the United States, of course, understand „pendejo.“

Among non-Spanish speakers, „pendejo“ also spread. They use „pendejo“ as another mild insult.

Other meaning of Pendejo

¡Pendejo! is a Dutch metal band. Since 2006 ¡Pendejo! are active. Their songs include Bulla, Uñero, ¡Dos! and Flotadores.

„Pendejo“ is an American film. It was released in 2013.

In social media, the hashtag #Pendejo is heavily used. In particular, Spanish-speaking social media participants use the hashtag.

„Pendejo“ is a song by Babasónicos.

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