What is a VSCO girl / #vscogirl? Meaning, Definition, List, Checklist

Girls and young women who are active on various social media apps (Instagram, Tik Tok, VSCO, etc.) and share the same dress and lifestyle are called „VSCO girls“. In addition, you all use the app „VSCO“ to shoot and edit photos.

VSCO girls and the associated hashtag #vscogirl are thus the name for a lifestyle trend among young girls and women. This is comparable to a surfer look lifestyle with greater awareness of nature and the environment.

Other hashtags under which photos edited by VSCO are distributed are: #vsco and #vscocam.

What are VSCO girls? #vscogirl Meaning, checklist

Under the hashtag #vscogirl, young girls and women post photos and pictures of themselves and their lives on Instagram, Tik Tok and other social media apps. What is striking is that VSCO girls look quite similar. These characteristics apply to many VSCO girls:

  • They wear shell necklaces, colorful bracelets and friendship bracelets.
  • VSCO girls like Pura Vida bracelets and care products from Mario Badescu.
  • They wear scrunchies or hair ties on their wrists. (Usually more than one).
  • They own a Fjällraven Kanken backpack.
  • VSCO girls like to wear oversized T-shirts.
  • They wear Vans, Crocs, or shoes from Birkenstock.
  • They own a water bottle from Hydro Flask.
  • They wear tube tops and jean shorts.
  • A VSCO girl’s favorite car is said to be the Jeep.
  • VSCO girls use reusable straws such as metal straws.
  • They cover their water bottle and laptop with vinyl stickers and Ron Jon Surf Shop stickers. These stickers can be the following: „Good Vibes“, a gramophone, „OOF“, „G*rl Power“, „*Sips TEa*“, „It’s from a vine“, Bubble Tea, Pizza, etc.
  • They like instant cameras like the „FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 Camera“.
  • They own Apple Airpods.
  • They like Carmex brand lip balm.
  • Their makeup is „no-makeup.“
  • VSCO girls like Sun Bum sunscreen.
  • VSCO girls paint their fingernails in pastel colors.
  • VSCO girls like to dress casual. There is no strong emphasis on brands.
  • They like Starbucks tea.
  • Beach photos can be found on many VSCO girls.

In particular, a VSCO girl is characterized by the fact that she likes the above clothes, accessories and things. She does not wear or own them to be considered a VSCO girl.

In addition, VSCO girls have their own terms. These include:

  • „and I oop“
  • „sksksk“ and „sksksksk“ (Comparable to „Lol“, „hahaha“ and generally a laugh).

VSCO girls are characterized by a strong environmental and climate awareness. The look of VSCO girls is reminiscent of the look of surfer girls of the 90s.

What is VSCO? Meaning of the app and abbreviation

The name VSCO-Girl is derived from the photo and video editing app „VSCO“. But „VSCO“ is not only an editing app, but also a community. VSCO is aimed at amateur photographers and photographers.

„VSCO“ is the abbreviation for „Visual Supply Company.“ „VSCO“ is pronounced as „Visco.“ Vis-Co.

The app „VSCO“ is used to create photos and videos, edit and enhance them. In addition to filters, the app also offers retouching features such as: Images are straightened, plunging lines and edges are corrected and faces can be retouched. Other tools include: Edit image sharpness and saturation level, edit light and shadow colors, grain effects, compensate for light variations, etc.

VSCO has been around since 2011, when it was called „VSCO CAm“. in 2012, the app was launched. In 2016, VSCO had over 30 million users.

The VSCO app is available for iOS and Android. The app and company was founded by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze.

Distribution and meaning of VSCO girl / #vscogirl

Increased searches for „vsco girl“ can be found on Google.com since June 2019. Before that, there were no significant searches for „vsco girl“. Globally, the VSCO girl trend has also been spreading since June 2019.

Searches for „VSCO girl“ are strong in the following regions: Western Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, North America, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Indonesia, parts of South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia) and in Turkey.

The strongest searches for „VSCO Girl“ are in the USA, Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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