What is the meaning of „WWG1WGA“? Abbreviation written out, Meaning, Definition, Explanation, QAnon

The acronym WWG1WGA is an abbreviation, symbol and recognition mark of the QAnon movement.

WWG1WGA means „Where we go one, we go all.“ meaning:  „Where one goes, we all go.“

What is the meaning of „WWG1WGA“? Meaning of the abbreviation

Most followers of the QAnon movement openly wear the letter „Q“ and thus profess their allegiance to this movement. In addition to the letter „Q“, they also repeatedly use the abbreviation WWG1WGA. This abbreviation stands for the solgan: „Where we go one, we go all“. This means roughly translated „Where one goes, all go“ or „Where one goes, all will go there“.

The statement can be understood in a way that the members support each other and follow (one person). Just that they follow one person can be interpreted in many ways:

  • QAnon followers follow one person and are ready to go the way. (Who is this person?)
  • QAnon followers support other QAnon followers who are e.g. imprisoned or in custody. (Thus the WWG1WGA can be understood almost like a threat).
  • In QAnon, one goes first and thousands follow. (This can be interpreted as a claim that QAnon wants to be a (mass) movement.

About WWG1WGA: further meaning, definition, explanation

In the meantime, a real industry for fan articles with this solang can be registered. Various websites offer QAnon items such as T-shirts, bags, posters as well as flags and paperbacks.

The QAnon movement is a movement that is mainly spread in the USA and is known for spreading alleged conspiracy myths. The QAnon movement has also appeared in Germany in the meantime and is recording steadily growing numbers of followers.

Neither an organization nor a fixed structure can be found in this movement. Rather it concerns a legend or however idea, which formed itself in the Internet. Increasingly, it also appears in the real world, especially in the U.S. at events and demonstrations of U.S. President Donald Trump. The exact number of followers of the QAnon movement is not known and can therefore not be quantified.

What is QAnon? Meaning, explanation

The story of the QAnon movement emerged in October 2017, when a text was published on the internet platform „4chan“. The platform „4chan“ is repeatedly criticized for its alleged extremist posts. The text, which was published in October 2017, contained among other things the statement that Hillary Clinton would soon be arrested. Usually, such texts and messages merely remain on the discussion channel and are kept there, but not this text. Numerous Youtubers as well as 4chan moderators started constructing a complex legend around this text as well as the following ones. The core message of this legend is that the author of these texts is someone who has the highest non-military US security level „Q“ and consequently has access to the nuclear secrets of the USA. It is not known or verifiable who ultimately wrote the first text and the texts that followed. The Internet platform „4chan“ allows its users to post anonymously, as registration is not required.

The core statements of QAnon

The texts of the QAnon movement are mostly very cryptic and often incomprehensible. They often consist of questions or single sentence fragments. However, the theme that is constantly addressed is that of a secret elite that has taken control of the USA through the „deep state“. QAnon often uses real events to support its claims.

The members of the secret elite are said to include people from politics as well as the media and entertainment. The central figures include billionaire George Soros, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former U.S. President Barack Obama. Furthermore, the QAnon movement accuses this elite, among others, of pedophilic as well as sadistic and satanic acts. The U.S. president has an important role in the QAnon movement, because he is said to have stepped up only to expose and end the machinations of this elite and to hold its members accountable.

Where can the statements of QAnon be found?

As already mentioned, QAnon’s statements, the so-called QDrops, were first published on the Internet platform „4chan“. Later, however, they moved to the discussion channel „8chan“. „4chan“ assumed at the time that the platform had been infiltrated. However, in August 2019, the „8chan“ website also went offline.

What are QDrops? Meaning

In the meantime, the board has gone online under a new name, but is still experiencing technical problems. However, the so-called „QDrops“ are collected and distributed on various platforms and in social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and YouTube.

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