What does „Rizz“ mean? Explanation, definition, meaning

„Rizz“ is the term used to describe the ability to seduce another person.

Another term for „Rizz“ is „Game“. If you have „Game“ or „Rizz“, you have charisma, manage to connect with another person and create romantic tension.

What does „Rizz“ mean? Explanation, definition, meaning

The expression „Rizz“ spread in the US youth language in 2022.

In colloquial language, people talk about having rizz.

But „rizz“ is much more than that. „Rizz“ stands for high self-confidence, for good self-worth or self-esteem, and for charisma. These are all qualities that people find attractive.

Add to that a handsome body and good clothes. Already the foundation for Rizz is laid. But this is nothing without the necessary combination of self-worth, charisma and eloquence.

Being generally attractive, trained and fit helps to have Rizz, of course. Being able to laugh at yourself and exuberance are also Rizz.

Rizz also takes place when „sliding into the DMs.“ Anyone who gives good quick-witted answers on dating apps in chats with potential partners has Rizz.

What is „unspoken Rizz?“

„Unspoken Rizz“ is the term used to describe a person’s charisma and appeal. („Unspoken“ means „unspoken“ in German).

Unspoken Rizz“ is about a person simply having charisma, captivating others, and the person not really knowing that they have this charisma. She is just like that. She does not pretend to have „Rizz“.

„unspoken Rizz“ is about simply finding a person attractive and likable.

Kai Cenat, creator of the word Rizz, he explains that „unspoken Rizz“ is about the physical presence and presence alone being attractive to other people (mostly women).

„Rizz,“ however, is not about another person manipulating others to sleep with that person, for example. It is really about a (almost innate) charisma that makes a person very attractive. Such charisma is not fakeable.

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Rizz: Origin

The term „Rizz“ was coined by influencer „Kai Cenat“ in 2021. He started using this word in the summer of 2021.

A famous video of him was published on YouTube on November 12, 2021. The title of the video is „Kai Cenat opens Rizz Academy“ and at the beginning of the video he recites the „National Rizz Anthem“.

The word „Rizz“ itself here is a contraction from the word „Charisma“. „Charisma“ was first shortened and transformed into „Risma“ or „Rissma“ and „Rizzma“. „Rizzma“ was then shortened to „Rizz“.

Rizz forms: W Rizz, L Rizz

According to Kai Cenat, there are three Rizz forms: W Rizz, V Rizz, and L Rizz.

„W Rizz“ stands for being attractive to other people and managing to build attraction. Those who have „W Rizz“ are articulate and have seduction skills.

„L Rizz“ is the opposite of „W Rizz.“ „L Rizz“ stands for not having Game, not managing to build attraction and not being attractive to women (or other people).

„W Rizz“ stands for „Win Rizz.“

„L Rizz“ stands for „Loss Rizz.“

Rizz expressions for people with a lot of rizz:

  • The Rizzler
  • Rizzard of Oz

Improve Rizz: What you can do

If you want to improve your Rizz, you have several options

1. it always helps to get in shape. In this case, weight training is recommended. This sport changes and improves your body image, which makes you feel better about your body in general. Sport also changes more: it makes you more self-confident and you start to pay attention to your diet.

2. talking to people improves the rizz. If you simply don’t have experience in flirting, you can’t be good at it. The name of the game here is: Practice flirting! (By the way: You can practice flirting by simply talking to women. Here is an entertaining game: Pick up 100 baskets. You approach women with the goal of getting a basket. Try it out and see what happens :).

3. get new clothes. Go to a clothing store and get advice. Say that you want to look better and need help choosing things. The salesperson will help you.

4. surround yourself with people who have rizz. They will influence you and you will learn from them.

Meditate and work on your personality. This will give you more inner peace and self-confidence.

6. learn small talk. You want to learn small talk? Then try this: Listen to stand-up comedy podcasts. This will influence you. The jokes and humor as well as the attitude of the podcasters will influence you.

Other meaning of Rizz

The hashtag „Rizz“ has been used over 5.6 billion times on TikTok as of January 5, 2023.

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