What does „friyay“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Friyay“ expresses joy that Friday is (or soon will be) and that it marks the end of the work week (for most).

What does „Friyay“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Friyay“ is an interjection that represents excitement, relief, and anticipation. When „Friyay“ is, the (hard) work week is over. The drudgery has come to an end and now one can devote oneself to leisure as well as recreation. The time of unfreedom, hierarchies and fixed meetings is over, on the weekend you can approach life more relaxed and without pressure.

„Friyay“ is comparable to TGIF, Vice Friday and Freeday, as well as Wednesday. Partly „Friyay“ is also written „Fri-yay“.

Friyay is a portmanteau of the words „Friday“ and „yay“. „-Day“ and „yay“ sound very similar and rhyme. This favored the creation of „friyay“.

In English, the interjection „yay“ is used when cheering. (So with „friyay“ there is rejoicing for it being Friday).

Regarding the word creation „friyay“, it must be said that this works with any day of the week that ends in „day“. (So all of them!) This would look like this: Monyay, Tuesyay, Wednesyay, Thursyay, Saturyay, and Sunyay. (Translated: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.) Except that the first four days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – are missing the weekend prospects. Because the work week still goes on. On Sunday, you don’t want to shout „yay“ either, because this is where the work week ends. So you’re rather sad and already suspect the Monday blues.

Distribution of Friyay

On social media, #Friyay is a common and frequently used hashtag. On social media, the hashtag is most often used on a Friday to celebrate that it is finally Friday.

On Instagram, the hashtag #friyay has now been used over 13.4 million times. On TikTok, the word „FriYay“ has been used over 949 million times. (Both as of November 2022)

On Google Trends, it can be seen that searches for „friyay“ have been rising sharply since the end of 2014. This can be interpreted as the word „Friyay“ spreading and becoming more popular in the mid-2010s.

Other meaning of Friyay

„Friyay Fun“ is a glamour column focusing on weekly review.

„Friyay“ is a song by Berto‘ Beatz.


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