What does Blame Game mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The blame game is about the question: Who is to blame? In essence, it is about who can be blamed.

What does Blame Game mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The „Blame Game“ really only knows one goal: The main thing is that you yourself are not to blame, but someone else is.

The blame game is played in two ways: Those involved and responsible reject the blame. Those involved and responsible blame others for the failure or misfortune that happened.

„Blame Game: Examples

In a hierarchy, for example, managers blame subordinate professionals. Or vice versa.

In politics, authorities or ministries reject the blame by saying that another authority or ministry was responsible. (Example: A decision-maker thinks, for example, that a message came to him too late).

Generally, in a hierarchy, blame is placed either up or down. (Managers, professionals)

If the parties involved are of equal rank, blame is given either up or down the chain. (Authorities, politicians; example: X was not fast enough).

Unfortunately, no one takes responsibility with this. This prevents further development, but also ensures that everyone involved can save face (to some extent).

Also, if an individual plays the „blame game“ in politics, for example, and rejects blame, this discredits the entire policy. Because the „blame game“ serves only the self-protection and it distracts. It does not serve the cause or the system. Recognizing mistakes is prevented and with it also a further development of the system. …until the blame game then fizzles out and is forgotten. (It would be better if responsibility is taken).

Why is the blame game played at all? Well, whoever successfully plays the blame game prevents and avoids the loss or damage of one’s own position or status.

Other meaning of „Blame Game“

„Blame Game“ is a song by Kanye West. It was released on November 22, 2010. In the song, Kanye West sings about his relationship with his success as well as a special woman.

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