What is Hot Girl Walk? Meaning, explanation, definition

The Hot Girl Walk is a TikTok trend that developed in the summer of 2022. Here, walking is taken to a new level. The point of the Hot Girl Walk is to feel good and reflect on the positive aspects of life. In addition, one enjoys the beauty of nature and relaxes body and mind. Thus, the Hot Girl Walk becomes part of your well-being.

What is the „Hot Girl Walk“? Meaning, explanation, definition

Already during the lockdown in the Corona pandemic, the new trend appeared. Like some other people, several female influencers on TikTok or other social media set out for walks to get out from home for once. Meanwhile, this phenomenon has become a real self-care movement. After all, it’s not just about a simple walk, but about following certain rules during the Hot Girl Walk.

During the Hot Girl Walk, you should consciously take time to reflect on everything positive about yourself. For example, you can be grateful for everything you have achieved in life so far. Also, one’s body ideals can be celebrated, whether or not one is a regular fitness participant. The Hot Girl Walk is not about any running techniques, speed or other physical goals, such as losing weight. Hotel Walk is all about training a healthy mind and body attitude.

The Hot Girl Walk also has various critics. These accuse the Hot Girl Walk of toxic optimism, among other things. The Hot Girl Walk would allegedly have a negative impact on mental health. However, this is not the case as long as one performs the Hot Girl Walk to strengthen one’s mind and body, thus giving oneself a mental break from the stressful day. Thus, the Hot Girl Walk can be an ideal addition to your daily life.

Rules of the Hot Girl Walk

For the Hot Girl Walk there are even certain rules that should be followed. At best, the walk should take place every day and involve about 4,000 to 8,000 steps. Depending on how fast someone is, this takes about an hour. A pedometer can help people keep better track of the workload. Under no circumstances should people put pressure on themselves to get the best possible performance out of it. In fact, it’s just as important to strengthen the mental part as well, not just the physical part. During the Hot Girl Walk, you can either listen to encouraging music or even uplifting podcasts. In addition, there are also various playlists on the Internet that can be listened to during a Hot Girl Walk. Up to this point, the Hot Girl Walk is still not really different from a conventional walk. Therefore, below come the rules that you should follow during the walk. Only three things should be remembered:

  1. One should think about his goals and how to achieve them.
  2. One thinks about the things for which one is grateful. There should be at least three.
  3. One thinks about how „hot“ one is. In the process, you should give yourself at least one compliment.

Hot Girl Walk: To lose weight? Is it also about losing weight?

Compared to other sports activities, the Hot Girl Walk is not primarily about achieving physical goals. The focus here is on strengthening your own motivation and self-confidence. In fact, most people think that Hot Girl Walk is about losing weight. However, that’s not what this is about, because the biggest changes start inside a body.

Nevertheless, on TikTok you can see some influencers with before and after pictures who have actually achieved weight loss with the Hot Girl Walk. In the process, other users are also encouraged to share their progress.

Hot Girl Walk: effect, consequences

Even if you listen to beautiful music during the Hot Girl Walk, however, you should focus more on positive thoughts. These should be properly celebrated during the walk. The focus is not on physical fitness, but on mental health. Ideally, you keep this positive feeling even after the walk and can take it with you into the day. That way, you’re happy and confident all around.

If you lack the motivation to do a Hot Girl Walk, you can also set yourself a fixed goal. This can be, for example, a café in the neighboring town. Here you can then reward yourself with a coffee after arrival, for example.

With the Hot Girl Walk should always be kept in mind the fun of it. It is not about achieving weight loss or getting a better body. Rather, it is about inner balance. In fact, if you practice the Hot Girl Walk regularly, it actually has a positive effect on your mental state.

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