„Enjoy The Silence“ by Depeche Mode: Content, Explanation, Meaning

If one were to describe the content of this song with a proverb, „Speech is silver, silence is gold“ would most closely fit it. This song is about a man who is not concerned with the famous three words (I love you), but is more concerned with his thoughts and feelings.

History of „Enjoy the Silence“

Before the release of „Enjoy the Silence“ the song had actually been planned as a much slower version. The demo CD was recorded by Martin Gore, who accompanied himself in the song only with a harmonium. However, one of his band mates thought that much more could be done with the song. This was the impetus for producing it all over again. Together with producer Flood, the bandmate created a faster and differently structured version.

Martin Gore had a hard time with the new version at first, but finally agreed to it. The new version added a guitar riff and Dave Gahan’s vocals. The work into the new version actually paid off, because already one year later the song was chosen as the best British single.

„Enjoy the Silence“ translates to „enjoy the silence.“ The song comes from the British synth-pop band Depeche Mode and was first released in 1990. „Enjoy the Silence“ is definitely one of the most famous and successful songs from this band’s collection. The lyrics and music of the song „Enjoy the Silence“ are – as already mentioned – written by Martin Gore.

Origin of „Enjoy the Silence“

However, something unusual can be observed in the development of the song. In the widely used single version of „Enjoy the Silence“ there is no singing. Even in the album version, the line is added a cappella only after the song has been played in its entirety. However, the line is found in the countless remix versions of the song and the live version usually ends with it as well.

As already mentioned, the first version is accompanied by Martin Gore only with a harmonium. A harmonium is an ancient instrument that resembles a piano. The sound, however, is produced – similar to an accordion or an organ – by air. For this purpose there are two pedals.

Producer Flood and bandmate Alan Wilder worked for a total of two days to create a more upbeat version of „Enjoy the Silence“. This turned the original ballad into a real pop song. The band felt they had a real worldwide hit on their hands.

The song is about how sometimes it’s better to just say nothing and be silent for once in a relationship. Enjoying the silence together – „Enjoy the Silence.“ When the song was released in February 1990, it shot up the worldwide chart ladder. A month later, the album „Violator“ was released, which turned out to be the most successful album in the band’s history. Besides the successful song „Enjoy the Silence“, there was another big hit on the record: „Personal Jesus“. Even today, after many years, „Enjoy the Silence“ is still played regularly on the radio. In 2004, „Enjoy the Silence“ was released again as a remix version by Mike Shinoda.

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