What is „Lab banana“ / #labbanana? Meaning, definition, explanation

The trend, which can be found under the hashtag #labbanana (Lab-Banana), features a video of a peeled banana moving similarly to a snake, worm or maggot, as if it were alive. Many viewers naturally wonder if the „Lab-Banana“ videos are real or if they are fake videos.

What happens in the „Lab-Banana“ videos?

In the videos, which can be found on TikTok or YouTube under the hashtag #labbanana, you can see a peeled banana writhing and pulsating slightly like a maggot, a snake, a worm. It is not really obvious in the videos if it is a computer generated video or if the banana really moves like a snake or a worm.

At times in various videos, the banana is held by a person who is in a lab. The person strokes the banana or makes it crawl back and forth on a lab bench. In another video, the banana is lying on the table in front of the dish, looking slimy and pulsing away as if it wants to disappear from the table.

Are the „Lab Banana“ videos real?

Since the videos under the hashtag #labbanana look really deceptively real, many of the viewers wonder if they are fakes, i.e. computer-generated videos. Others wonder if it might be a real, truly moving banana created in the lab. This has led to heated discussions in the comments columns under the #labbanana videos on TikTok, in which users are almost seriously arguing about whether the videos of the moving bananas are real or not. Users analyze and scrutinize the smallest details and use them as clues that speak for or against the authenticity of the video.

However, many more videos can now be found on TikTok and other social platforms in which bananas are writhing like snakes. Some users also post videos of other foods pulsing, writhing, running or bouncing.

However, whether the original „Lab Banana“ video is a real banana that moves is still not entirely clear. It could be that it is, for example, an accelerated video of a decaying or decomposing banana. For example, such a decaying or decomposing process could have such an effect in an accelerated version. Infestation and decomposition by a fungus or bacteria would also be conceivable. The fact that the visible banana in the video looks very slimy would speak for this theory.

However, it is just as possible that the „Lab Banana“ video is an edited video, and the banana is not moving in the original. For this, one could edit a picture of a banana with computer software and turn it into a video in which the banana moves as in the „Lab Banana“ videos.

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