Who is Sorcerer Rogier (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, History, Lore

The Sorcerer Rogier is an NPC from the open-world role-playing game Elden Ring, who can be quite useful to players in the course of their game. Among other things, Rogier offers himself as a merchant, but he can also be useful as a fighter.

Where to find Sorcerer Rogier? Elden Ring

To meet Sorcerer Rogier, players must fight their way down from the Wall Tower in Storm Veil Castle. The circuitous route leads past some hawks with explosive barrels, over the castle wall, and then into a courtyard with a few enemies that should not be underestimated. However, there is an easier way. If the players step out of the entrance right in front of the place of mercy and immediately jump onto the wall to the right, they can jump to a small ledge from one of the outbuildings and make their way from there, over the rooftops. When they get to the bell tower, they can simply drop. They will then find themselves in a small chapel where Rogier is standing. The Sorcerer is himself looking for something in the castle, although he won’t reveal what exactly he’s looking for. Nevertheless, he offers to sell the players ashes of war.

The next, optional interaction with Sorcerer Rogier takes place before the battle with Margit, the Cruel Mark. Here, players can summon Rogier as a golden phantom to create confusion and distraction with spells in the fight against the boss.

How does Rogier’s quest line work?

After players defeat Godrick the Transplanted, they can travel to the Round Table Fortress. Sorcerer Rogier then sits on a ballustrade in a side corridor. He congratulates the players on their victory and says that his battle itself would be over. Therefore, he also gives the players Rogier’s Rapier +8, a very good stamina weapon in the early stages of Elden Ring.

Next, the players must return to Storm Veil Castle and step out into the open from the chamber to the elevator side. They will then see a chasm to their right. Here, players can carefully drop until they reach the bottom. After killing a few rats, they will encounter a boss in a larger area. The tree spirit with boils is large and fast, but can be defeated with some practice. Behind him, the players see a large structure that looks like a skull. Directly in front of it is a pool of blood. When players interact with the pool of blood, they will see Rogier, who has been badly beaten up in a fight.

If the players then return to the Sorcerer, he explains to them that the skull was Godwyn, the first demigod, and that he was brutally murdered on the Night of the Black Knives. Afterwards, when the players talk to Fia and let her hug them, the woman tells them in confidence that there are clues to the assassins in the interlands. Fia reveals to the players where they can find the Black Knives Catacombs.

Next, the players have to go to the mentioned place and look for a print of the Black Knife in it. This will allow them to return to Rogier. The Sorcerer wants to analyze the imprint and needs some time. If the players talk to Rogier again later, he tells them that he suspects Princess Ranni of the Caria family might be behind the murder plot.

The players find Ranni north of the Caria estate at a place called The Three Sisters. In Ranni’s Ascension, players can talk to the Witch and bring up Rogier’s hunch. Ranni will say that she no longer has the Rune of Death and send the players away. The players must travel back to Rogier and report back to him. He will then ask the players to join Ranni as a henchman in order to elicit information from her after all.

When the players then return to Rogier, he will say that he fears he will soon fall into a deep sleep. After that, the Sorcerer falls asleep and does not wake up again.

If the players return at a later time, Rogier has disappeared. In his place, they find only a letter containing information about the little brother of the NPC D. and a sound pearl, with which the players can continue to buy the ashes that Rogier had offered at the twin shells.

Also, players can get Rogier’s armor, which is suitable for magic classes.

Trivia about Sorcerer Rogier (Elden Ring)

Players can approach Rogier about the mysterious D. after meeting the NPC. Rogier will tell that he and D. have known each other for a long time. They once shared a common goal and dealt with death. However, after their paths went in different directions, the former friends stopped talking to each other as well.

Also interesting is Rogier’s figure when he is found in the round table fortress. While he was still standing upright in Storm Veil Castle, later he can only sit. His legs are hidden with a blanket that looks dirty or bloody at the bottom. When the Sorcerer falls into his eternal sleep, it can also be seen that small tendrils have pierced through the blanket. From this it can be concluded that while fighting the tree spirit with boils, the Sorcerer was not only severely wounded, but also infected with a mysterious disease that turns his body into a variety of a tree itself.

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