Who is Morgott the Omen King (from Elden Ring)? Boss, History, Fighting style, Strategy, Lore

Morgott the Omen King is a boss that players will have to face in the open world role-playing game Elden Ring by FromSoftware. He belongs to the demigods and is the bearer of a fragment of the Elden Ring.

Morgott the Omen King: Elden Ring, History, Story, Lore

Morgott is a child of Queen Marika and the Elden Lord Godfrey. His twin brother is Mohg, the Prince of Blood. The two siblings were disowned by their parents and their siblings because they were born with horns and tails. In the interlands, the world of Elden Ring, such birth characteristics are considered evil omens, heralding impending disaster.

Because the bearers of omens were feared, an organization of so-called omen killers was formed to hunt down those cursed by fate. Mogh therefore disappeared underground and gathered loyal followers around him. Morgott first faced his pursuers and was able to cut down his enemies with brutal power. He ascended the throne of the capital, Leyndell, and ruled over the interlands.

As the years passed, however, Morgott grew tired of fighting. He felt that without using his cursed powers, he would not be able to fight off his enemies for too long. However, because Morgott wanted to continue defending the Great Earth Tree, the Omen King devised a plan to eliminate potential threats early on.

First Meeting with Morgott the Omen King (Elden Ring)

Players encounter Morgott very early in the game – without really knowing it. The demigod already confronts the Stained Ones on the bridge to Storm Veil Castle. However, there he calls himself Margit, the Cruel Mark. He attacks the players with a big stick, but he can also strike with his tail or summon spectral weapons like a sword, daggers or a massive hammer. Margit is large, but strikes mercilessly and has a number of fast combo attacks, making him the first serious boss in Elden Ring.

The background for Morgott’s stealth is that he wants to protect his half-brother Godrick, the Transplanted. Godrick rules Storm Veil Castle and is the first bearer of a ring fragment that players must seek out. Morgott wants to eliminate the defilers as early as possible, before they can usurp the power of a ring fragment. He fears that otherwise the stained ones will become too powerful over time and might also hunt for his own ring fragment.

If the players defeat Morgott, he threatens them that he will remember and eventually destroy the stained ones.

The battle against Morgott the Omen King

Once the players reach the capital city of Leyndell, they must face Morgott, who resides just south of the Queen’s bedchamber. The Omen King has traded in his big stick for an oversized scimitar, but again attacks with his spectral weapons, which were also used in the Margit boss fight.

When the players fight Morgott down to half his health, he declares that he regrets having to use his curse. He charges his blade with the energy of his ring fragment and now attacks with a large, flaming sword. Most of Morgott’s attacks are of the elemental type holy. However, he can also attack with attacks that use his blood. Accordingly, Morgott the Omen King, is immune to holy attacks. He has high resistances to bleeding, poison, freezing burn, and the scarlet curse.

However, players can get a little help for combat relatively early in the game. When they find Patches in Limgrave in the Shoot River Cave and defeat them in battle, the NPC opens a small store. Players can buy an item from Patches called Margit’s Shackles. The item can be used in battle against Margit, the Cruel Mark to stun the opponent for a short time.

Because Margit is an alter ego of Morgott the Omen King, Margit’s Shackles also affect Morgott. This gives players a small window of opportunity to significantly injure Morgott before he can break free of the shackle’s spell.

What is the reward for a victory against Morgott the Omen King?

If the players are victorious against Morgott the Omen KIng they will receive 120,000 runes in one fell swoop. They will also be rewarded with the memory of the Omen King and Morgott’s Great Rune. Morgott’s great rune continuously increases life energy when activated with a rune bow. For the Memory of the Omen King, players can obtain either Morgott’s Cursed Sword or the Royal Omen Balm from the Finger Reader in the Tablet Round Fortress.

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