Who is Mohg, Lord of Blood (Elden Ring)? Boss, History, Fighting Style, Strategy, Lore

Mogh, the Lord of Blood, is an optional boss that players can find in FromSoftware’s open world role-playing game Elden Ring. Mogh is one of the hardest bosses and has quite an interesting background story.

Who is Mogh, the Lord of Blood? Elden Ring, History, Story, Lore

Mogh is a demigod and a child of the missing Queen Marika and the first Elden Lord Godfrey. Moreover, Mogh is the twin brother of Morgott, the king of the Mal. Therefore, Mogh also shares the same fate as Morgott. Like his twin brother, he was born with horns and body deformities. In the interlands, such birth characteristics are considered an evil omen, foretelling an approaching catastrophe. When ordinary citizens give birth to a child bearing such a mark, the horns are usually cut off, even if the children die in the process.

Children of royal blood, on the other hand, are allowed to keep their horns. Instead, they are burned and locked away. Mogh was locked away in the sewers under the capital city of Lyndell during his childhood, along with other Mal-bearers. However, when the Elden Ring was broken, throwing the interlands into chaos, Mogh was able to break free of his chains and escape Lyndell. He wandered aimlessly through the interlands until he had a divine inspiration.

It is said that a being called the Shapeless Mother came to Mogh. The being showed Mogh his future and so he descended to the river Siofra to establish his own dynasty in the Moghwyn Palace. Mogh learned to control the curse of his maw and he became obsessed with blood magic. Like his brother Morgott, Mogh also wears a fragment of the Elden Ring. However, he has imbued his fragment with his cursed blood, which means it can no longer be used to forge the ring.

How does Mogh fight? Elden Ring, Strategy, Fight

Mogh relies on blood abilities in a fight. He can put a blood curse on the players, which allows him to drain the players‘ life energy. By doing so, he heals himself and also deals immense bleeding damage to the players. In addition, he can set his blood on fire and use it to form various weapons such as a sword or even a trident. Mogh can hurl the burning blood at players to inflict additional bleeding damage. It becomes problematic when Mogh enters his second attack phase. He then spreads several patches of his blood on the ground, making it nearly impossible to stay out of the areas of cursed blood.

But like his brother Morgott, Mogh can also use his disfigured body to inflict significant damage on players. Mogh possesses a pair of formidable wings, with which he lashes out in between to knock careless tainters out of existence hard and fast. However, the wings don’t seem to be strong enough to carry the demigod into the air, so he’s constantly grounded.

If players want to secure a small advantage, they should explore the capital Lyndell before the fight against Mogh, the Lord of Blood. There is an item hidden in the underground passages of the sewers, guarded by two giant lobsters. This is Mogh’s shackle. This item can be used in the first phase of the battle to stun Mogh once for a short period of time. However, the shackle loses its effect as soon as Mogh loses half of his life energy for the first time. Therefore, it is advisable to use the shackle early to have an advantage against Mogh.

What’s in store after the battle against Mogh?

Players who survive the difficult battle against Mogh, the Lord of Blood, will be rewarded with 420,000 runes. They will also receive the Echo of the Lord of Blood, which they can exchange for a spell that will allow them to spread blood flames themselves. Players can also obtain the sacred spear of Mogwyhn. The trident is suitable for both strength and stamina characters, and as a special attack, it can create three blood explosions that injure enemies in the area.

Additionally, players will receive Mogh’s Great Rune. The cursed rune guarantees any summoned phantom – including ghost creatures – the blessing of blood. When a phantom with this blessing kills someone, the phantom receives 10% of its life energy. In addition, the Phantoms receive a damage bonus when bleeding is inflicted upon them, so they can be very valuable supports when fighting enemies with bleeding attacks.

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