Who is Millicent (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, History, Lore

Millicent is an NPC that players can find in Elden Ring by FromSoftware. The young woman is affected by the so-called Scarlet Decay and is part of a quest series that allows players to secure an important key item.

How to find Millicent? Elden Ring

When players enter Gowry’s hut near the town of Sellia in Caelid, they find an old man wearing striking red wizard armor. He introduces himself as a former sage and asks the players to help him aid a young woman whose body has been afflicted by Scarlet Decay. To do so, the tainted must first find an untreated golden needle. The needle is guarded by an optional boss named Commander O’Neil, who resides in the swamp of Aeonia.

If players can defeat the boss, they must bring the needle back to Gowry. He will take the needle and ask for some time to prepare it. Players can teleport to a nearby mercy location or turn the game off once and restart to advance the quest.

Gowry will then give players the needle and ask them to bring it to Millicent, who is also in Caelid. It can be found in the Church of the Plague, which is located near Sellia. However, you have to light three torches in the village before you can enter the church.

After opening the way to the church, the players will find Millicent leaning against one of the destroyed walls. Her body is marked by scarlet decay and the skin of her arms and legs is rotten.

How do you continue with Millicent’s quest? Elden Ring

The players can give Millicent the needle from Gowry. Even if the young woman is skeptical, she will put the needle into her body. If you reload the game afterwards or teleport once to another place of grace, the young woman will continue her dialogue and then travel to Gowry’s hut. Players will also receive the prosthetic wearer’s heirloom. It is a talisman that raises stamina by 5 levels.

In Gowry’s hut, the players can talk to Millicent again. She then moves on and can next be found on Altus Plateau near the lookout over the earth tree in the northeast. After that, players must pick up the Valkyrene prosthetic in a crate guarded by a Pure Rot Knight in Shadow Castle and bring it back to Millicent.

In Dominula, when players face the Mist Gate of the Apostle of the Gods‘ Scalps, they can summon Millicent to help.

After defeating the boss, players will find her near Windmill Mound. Again, they must use their dialogue to the fullest before Millicent moves on.

On the hilltop of the giants, the players meet the young woman again. Again, the conversation must continue to the last point before their quest continues. The young woman can then be found in Elphael on the way to the Halig Tree and does not move on until the players defeat the tree spirit with boils, which is located directly in front of the drainage channel.

When players reload the area afterwards, they will see two summoner signs. The one sign summons players to Millicent’s side to fight four phantoms. In return, players will receive the Insignia of the Rotten Winged Sword, which increases attack power when used in attack combinations.

However, players can also choose the other summoner’s insignia and fight Millicent themselves as a red phantom. If they win, they will receive Millicent’s prosthetic, which both increases stamina by 5 levels and boosts the attack of combinations.

If the players have decided to help Millicent, they will find the young woman lying nearby in a puddle of Scarlet Decay afterwards. When they talk to Millicent, she returns the untreated needle to them and then dies. Their quest line then ends.

What is the benefit of the untreated golden needle? Elden Ring

If players enter the secret arena of Malenia in Elphael with the needle, they can use the needle on a flower. They will then receive Miquella’s Needle and a Gloomy Ancient Dragon Forge Stone.

Miquella’s Needle is a key item that players need if they want to prevent the Lord of the Raging Flame from ending the game. It is sufficient for the players to have the needle with them when they enter the area of the Dragon Lord Placidusax on the Decayed Farum Azula. The needle will then be used automatically, without the players having to perform any additional action.

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