Who is Ranni the Witch (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, Lore

Ranni the Witch is an NPC that players can find in the open-world role-playing game Elden Ring by FromSoftware. The witch gives players the ability to summon spirit creatures that can be used as temporary helpers in certain areas.

Where can you find Ranni the Witch? Elden Ring

The first contact with Ranni can happen relatively early in the game. However, Ranni the witch can also be quickly overlooked. She is located in the Church of Elleh in Limgrave. The problem is that Ranni can’t be found there from the beginning. She only appears after players have already gotten the ability from Melina to level up in Places of Grace and summon the Spectral Horse Torrent. So players must have found and rested at least three Places of Grace before Ranni appears.

When players return to the Church of Elleh during the night after meeting Melina, a bluish figure of a woman with a large hat sits next to the entrance. She introduces herself to the players as Renna and is amazed that the players are able to call Torrent. Renna then gives the players a bell to summon spirits. Renna also gives the players Spectral Wolves to summon in battle. Afterwards, Renna says that they probably won’t meet her again before she vanishes into thin air.

Later in the game, players will find the optional Caria estate. Once they have fought their way through the ruins of this estate, they arrive at a place called Three Sisters. In this place there are three towers that the players can climb. One of the towers is named Ranni’s Ascent.

If the players climb the tower, they will encounter Renna again, but now she will reveal her true name. For she is actually Princess Ranni of Lucaria, a member of the royal Caria family.

Who is Ranni the Witch? Elden Ring, Lore, Story

Princess Ranni of Lucaria was chosen by the Greater Will as a possible successor to Queen Marika and was raised accordingly. She would have been given the power of the demigods and would be the ruler of the interlands. For her protection, the deputies of the Greater Will, the Two Fingers, created the wolf-man Blaidd to act as Ranni’s servant and protector.

Ranni, however, did not want to live a life ruled by the Greater Will. For this reason, she took drastic measures. She stole the Rune of Death and killed her own body. Ranni transferred her soul into a doll. With the death of the corporeal body, Ranni the witch was free from the influence of the Greater Will, but had limited abilities even in the body of the doll. To free herself for good, Ranni looked for a way to kill the Two Fingers.

How is Ranni’s quest line going?

When players meet Ranni, they have the choice to join the Witch and her henchmen. If they agree, they will meet the wolf-man Blaidd, the giant Iji and the preceptor Seluvis.

The players must first find Blaidd in the underground area of the Siofra River and talk to him. He says that he has found the eternal city of Nokron, but that the path is not there. Blaidd sends the players to Seluvis, who knows a sorceress who might be able to tell them something about Nokron. From Seluvis, the players receive a letter of recommendation, which they must take to the sorceress Sellen. Sellen tells the players that the way to Nokron went missing when Captain Radahn caused the stars to freeze in the sky.

With this information, the players can return to Blaidd. The Wolf Man then tells them that he heard about a festival at Radahn Castle and that it would be the ideal opportunity to attack the captain.

If the players face Radahn and defeat him, a shooting star will fall from the sky and hit the earth. Blaidd advises meeting at the impact site to go to Nokron. Once the players travel to the impact site in eastern Limgrave, there is no sign of Blaidd. Instead, a large crater has opened up through which players can travel to Nokron.

In Nokron, players will find the Fingerslayer Blade. This weapon allows Ranni to reach her destination and kill the Two Fingers.

The special Ranni the Witch end (Elden Ring)

Even though Ranni is freed after the death of the Two Fingers, players can still take a few extra steps to unlock a special ending. First, in the Three Sisters, they must visit the sealed tower called Renna’s Ascension. There is a portal there that will take players to the Ansil River. Players will find a small doll of Ranni there. The doll can talk and directs the players to the Lake of Rot.

When the players arrive at the Rotten Lake, they are attacked by a phantom that looks like Blaidd. If they defeat the phantom, they will receive a discarded palace key. This key opens a box in the Great Library of Raya Lucaria that contains a Dark Moon Ring.

If the players return to the Rotten Lake, they can walk along the edges to climb into a coffin. Here, players will face Astel, the Bastard of the Void. If they manage to defeat the monster, the players will gain access to the Moonlight Altar, where the Shimmerstone Dragon Adula will once again test the heroes‘ skills. They can travel on to the Cathedral of Manus Celes after a victory. If they talk to the doll of Ranni at this place, they can put the Darkmoon Ring on her finger, unlocking the secret Ranni ending where they marry the witch. As a reward, they will also receive a Darkmoon Greatsword, which, according to legend, will be passed down from Queen Marika to her successors.

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