Who is Butter Dawg? life, profile, biography

Butter Dawg is a US TikToker, content creator and foodie who has become known for his unusual diet consisting mainly of raw and cooked meat and butter.

Butter Dawg: life, Biography, Profile

Butter Dawg’s real name is Jack Turco. He was born in the town of Libertyville in the American state of Illinois and goes to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US state of Wisconsin. He is 21 years old and is studying Private Financial Planning. Jack is a senior, so is in his fourth year of study. Until March 2023, he was a member of the Wisconsin men’s rowing team.

Since early 2022, Jack Turco has been following a carnivore diet. This is a form of low-carb diet in which more than 95 per cent of animal products are consumed, mainly meat, but also eggs and dairy products. After friends pointed out to him that his unusual diet would lend itself to being featured on social media channels, Jack Turco opened accounts on YouTube and TikTok in the summer of 2022.

Butter Dawg: fame, criticism

In many of his videos, he eats tongues, testicles, penises and other components of animal species such as beef and lamb, usually in a raw state. Some of these videos went viral in a matter of hours and resulted in controversial comments.

In particular, a video of Jack eating a so-called „butter dog“, where he places a stick of butter between two raw bull testicles and eats them that way, received more than 2.5 million clicks and more than 10,000 mostly negative comments.

Butter Dawg is particularly criticised for saying in his videos that his diet is healthy and that it has a positive effect on his well-being and fitness. However, the alleged positive effects of low-carb diets are not backed up by medical evidence. Rather, it is assumed that such a one-sided, high-fat diet must have negative consequences for human health in the long term.

Butter Dawg: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Instagram: butter__dawg

TikTok: @_butter_dawg_

YouTube: @Butter_Dawg

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