What is the Thug Shaker / Thug Shake? Memes, Meaning, Explanation, Definition

A Thug Shaker is an Internet phenomenon that has spread into the mainstream. It is a so-called meme that has become particularly famous through the Internet media. In it, people who do the Thug Shaker do a dance by wiggling their buttocks. The people doing the dance usually pull down their pants so that you can see their underwear. The meme has gained so much notoriety that it has even been parodied on television series and in numerous other posts. To this day, there are posts on social media that are based on the meme.

There are several intentions associated with the Thug Shaker. On the one hand, users are trying to draw attention to political incidents by using the meme as a provocation. On the other hand, the meme is used in forums during discussions to ridicule statements. Away from this, the meme is used for amusement and entertainment.

Thug Shake – What exactly is it?

It is a dance that was originally danced by black people in the US, preferably naked or in their underwear. The dancers usually belong to a gang, which is why the dance is also called Thug Shaker. Because the word Thug stands for thug or gangster in English. In the dance, the dancer takes off his pants and starts circling his hips. Furthermore, the dancer „twerks“ to attract attention.

By now, it is more than just a dance among hood members. It has become a meme that has spread worldwide. The meme is now taken up by numerous users and media outlets to generate attention. Whether it’s in the film industry or the media landscape, the Thug Shaker has come up again and again in the past. Few memes have made it into the mainstream as much as the Thug Shaker. It is a dance that always causes laughter. This can be used to lighten up serious topics and much more; the applications are wide-ranging.

Pentagon Leaks and the Meme – News from Politics

Recently, the Thug Shaker has made negative headlines in the media. A young U.S. Army employee published highly confidential documents that led to his arrest. He wanted to make an impression with his publications. In the process, he was the leader of a group on the Internet with the provocative name „Thug Shaker Central.“ The 21-year-old – whose real name is Jack Teixeira – published confidential military documents on the Ukraine war.

He has since been arrested and is in custody. He faces decades in prison for endangering U.S. domestic security. It is currently the worst disclosure scandal in the US after whistleblower Eduard Snowden. In addition, Jack Teixeira is said to have called the U.S. a „dark power“ and to have a weakness for guns.

Conclusion: What is the Thug Shake / Thug Shaker?

The meme has caused a lot of furor in the past. Nevertheless, it can also be used in everyday life because it can help add humor to videos. Thus, the meme itself is not bad. It depends much more on the context when it comes to its use.

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