What is the Grimace Shake? TikTok, meaning, explanation, definition

What is Grimace Shake, TikTok, meaning, explanation, definition

The „Grimace Shake“ is a marketing campaign and a product of the US fast food chain McDonalds, which was launched in honor of the 52nd birthday of the mascot „Grimace“. In the original sense, it is a purple milkshake that has now achieved cult status in the USA. Not only is the shake extremely popular, but the term „Grimace Shake“ is now used for other uses beyond fast food.

The McDonalds-owned milkshake with the purple look quickly became a TikTok trend within the past few months and is now used as a hashtag. If nothing else, this is why it’s spreading virally right now. But what exactly is the „Grimace Shake“ all about? The following article will therefore provide a comprehensive definition of the term. Furthermore, the meaning, characteristics and usage of the term „Grimace Shake“ will be explained in more detail.

Definition of the „Grimace Shake“

The name „Grimace Shake“ originates from the English language and is composed of „grimace“ and „shake“. Combined, „grimace shake“ translates roughly as „grimace drink“ or „the shaken drink of grimace“.

This refers to a sweet-tasting shake that is one of the latest products in McDonalds‘ U.S. product line. Among other things, purple food coloring is used to prepare the shake, which is supposed to be reminiscent of the purple-colored character „Grimace“ from the fictional McDonaldland.

In small promotional films, everyone who drinks the „Grimace Shake“ turns into purple monsters. This is a special publicity stunt that is part of a viral marketing campaign.

Origin and origins of the „Grimace Shake“

The character „Grimace“ has been around since 1971, when it was invented as another character alongside Ronald McDonald. „Grimace“ is a malevolent scary monster, which has a distinctive appearance and a purple color. After „Evil Grimace“ made his mischief especially in the 1970s and 1980s, the character was subsequently trivialized. In the meantime, this one has a friendly character as well as arms and legs. The creepy theme has nevertheless remained. And so the „Grimace Shake“ has been sold in McDonald’s stores in the USA since early 2023.

Around this time, the hype around the „Grimace Shake“ hashtag was also discovered, which is currently making the food trend and the variation of it go viral on social media. In the course of the trend, various TikTokers made little horror films about the consumption of the „Grimace Shake“ and its after-effects. Soon there were variations of TikTokers from different scenes.

Meaning and characteristics of the „Grimace Shake“

The „Grimace Shake“ is seen as a trendy product around which a fictional horror story was spun. Bad things await those who drink the shake. Among other things, „Grimace“, the scary monster appears or you turn into the monster yourself. The main features of the „Grimace Shake“ include:

  • Purple appearance
  • Transparent plastic container
  • Viscous substance
  • Very sweet taste
  • Innocent „candy look

Ambiguity of the „Grimace Shake“

In the wake of the „Grimace Shake“, various variations of this trend occurred, especially in the hip-hop scene. For example, the „Grimace Shake“ resembles the scene drink „Purple Sprite“ (a drink consisting of lemonade and cough syrup containing codeine) in its appearance. Those who drink the „Grimace Shake“ therefore often expect the negative effects of „Purple Sprite,“ such as clouding of consciousness, impaired speech, and even memory loss or unconsciousness. The hashtag „Grimace Shake“ is then used under short videos or in short messages to indicate the consumption of „Purple Sprite“, but this is not directly pronounce, or write.

Use of the expression „Grimace Shake“

The „Grimace Shake“ trend is now used in many areas. Among the most common areas where the „Grimace Shake“ can be found in some form are the following:

  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Fast food restaurants

In the subsections that follow now, the main areas of use of the phrase „Grimace Shake“ will be explained in more detail.

Social Media (TikTok)

On social media, the expression „Grimace Shake“ is often used in conjunction with hashtags under posts, short videos, as well as in comments. At the same time, entertaining (horror) short videos are made in connection with „Grimace Shake“, which are then published and go viral.


In the field of advertising, „Grimace Shake“ can be found primarily in TV as well as Internet advertising. In the U.S., a nationwide „Grimace Shake“ advertising campaign is currently running, focusing on the birthday of the fictional character named „Grimace“ and the fast food drink of the same name.

Fast food restaurants

In fast food restaurants, the „Grimace Shake“ can currently be found in the range of US McDonalds branches. It can be ordered there and either enjoyed on the spot or taken away.

Social classification of the „Grimace Shake“

Although the fictional character „Grimace“ is already over 50 years old, the „Grimace Shake“ trend has established itself primarily among a younger target group. The short clips on TikTok and the hashtags are particularly popular with people belonging to the „Z“ and „Alpha“ generations (who are therefore younger than 25). Among older people, the trend is rather unknown and usually not understood, although „grimace“ may still be familiar to many people here.

Criticisms of the „Grimace Shake“

Although the „Grimace Shake“ is a quite harmless and not serious trend, it is criticized from many sides. Above all the glorification of the scene drink „Purple Sprite“ is criticized, with which the optics of the „Grimace Shake“ is brought in connection. Another criticism is that the drink is only available in McDonald’s stores in the USA and not in Europe, for example. In addition, the usefulness and the educational added value are strongly doubted.

Conclusion on the subject of the „Grimace Shake“

In summary, then, the term „Grimace Shake“ represents a limited anniversary product of the McDonalds fast food chain, which is currently being sold in their branches in the USA. It goes back to the now 52nd birthday of the fictional character „Grimace“ from McDonaldsland and currently serves as a popular template for shooting individual horror movies.

Related to the term „Grimace Shake“ are „Purple Sprite“ and „Mountain Dew Voltage,“ among others. While „Purple Sprite“ is a codeine-containing scene drink in rap and hip-hop culture, „Mountain Dew Voltage“ refers to a blue-colored and extremely caffeinated soft drink that is particularly popular in the extreme sports scene.

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