What does „Katchi“ mean? in english, meaning, translation

The word „Katchi“ has several meanings. Literally translated, it means: loving touch. But it is used much more to say that someone had an exciting sexual experience; maybe even with some role play and possibly a fetish could be lived out.

Katchi: meaning, translation, explanation

The expression „Katchi“ is also known in yoga. There Katchi means: accumulation of joy and „tender touch“ or „on the bank of the river“. As a Tamil word, „Katchi“ can also be translated as „display“.

The word became widespread, among other things, through the song „Katchi“ by Nick Waterhouse. In this song, Nick Waterhouse sings, among other things, about having „katchi“ with a woman all night. The song is about how he had a hard day, is exhausted and his back hurts him. But the touch of a girl gave him new strength and her look hypnotized him.

He sings:
She give me Katchi
All night long

Nick Waterhouse commented in an interview that he and his friend Leon were getting massages. Leon was lying on the massage table and Nick was playing the guitar. All of a sudden Leon shouted „She’s giving me Katchi.“ He commented that his mother, with Native American roots, calls tender touches that. (In the region around Louisiana, katchi is said to be common).

The original song by Nick Waterhouse is from 2016 and belongs to the genre Blues. The remix „Ofenbach vs. Nick Waterhouse – Katchi“ made the song popular again at the end of September 2017 and turned the sad track into a house song. The video was shot in the Los Monegros desert in Spain.

Katchi as a language and ethnic group

The Katchis live in the Indian border region of Gujarat and the Pakistani province of Sindh. They are part Hindus and part Muslims.

Katchi is also spelled „Kutchi“, „Kachi“, „Cutchi“, „Kachhi “ or „Kachchhi“.


Katchi is also a writing system that is no longer in use.

Katchi is a place in the „Aomori-ken“ region of Japan.

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