What is the „7 Friends Theory“? Meaning, explanation, definition

The „7 Friends Theory“, sometimes also called the „7 Friendship Theory“, is a theory according to which a person should have seven friends, who fulfill different functions, in life in order to have the perfect circle of friends. The „7 Friends Theory“ is not a real scientific theory, but a loose social concept that has become famous mainly through the social media platform TikTok.

What is the „7 Friends Theory“? Characteristics, explanation

Each of the seven friends fulfills a specific emotional need. The „7 Friends Theory“ states that a person achieves emotional satisfaction with such a circle of friends. The girlfriends or boyfriends are assigned to these seven character types:

  1. A girlfriend/boyfriend whom one has known since childhood.
  2. A friend who can make you laugh in any situation.
  3. A girlfriend/boyfriend with whom you can’t have any contact for a long time and absolutely nothing changes.
  4. A friend to whom you can tell everything.
  5. A friend who is like a sister or brother.
  6. A friend you can’t imagine life without.
  7. A friend who knows about all relationship problems, whether they want to hear it or not.

„7 Friends Theory“: meaning, social media

The English words „Friends“ and „Theory“ translate into German as „friends“ and „theory.“ Summarized, the term „7 Friends Theory“ can therefore be translated as „7 Friends Theory“. The term is used on social media platforms by many people to introduce their own circle of friends and to show friends what significance they have for them.

The „7 Friends Theory“ is particularly popular on TikTok. There, as of May 2023, the hashtag „7friendstheory“ already includes more than 400 videos with a total of 2.5 million views, and the hashtag „7friendtheory“ has a total of 11 million views. The videos are designed like a slideshow with images in which the seven friends are each assigned to the appropriate characteristics by the person posting the video.

„7 Friends Theory“: concept, application

The „7 Friends Theory“ is not an immutable concept. For example, there are people who have one or two friends who nevertheless fulfill all the functions mentioned in the „7 Friends Theory“. Likewise, there are people with more than one friend for each function.

In turn, the hashtag can trigger a feeling of inadequacy in people with few friends who also cannot be assigned to all functions. At this point, therefore, it should be said that the „7 Friends Theory“ is not a recognized social science theory. Personal happiness is not dependent on fulfilling the „7 Friends Theory“.

„7 Friends Theory“: Conclusion, Evaluation

„7 Friends Theory“ gives an indication of which girlfriends or boyfriends with which characteristics can be important in life. The hashtags „7friendtheory“ and „7friendstheory“ have become a viral phenomenon on TikTok, as many people find this idea great.

However, the „7 Friends Theory“ is not suitable to be used as a serious theory for evaluating personal happiness.

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