What is Rage Applying? Meaning, explanation, definition

Rage Applying is an application procedure and at the same time job trend of the year 2023, which has emerged as a result of the Corona crisis. This form of application is a reaction to the situation at the current workplace, which arises as a result of anger and frustration. However, the term Rage Applying has already been included in the „Urban Dictionary“, a word directory for youth language, in 2021.

What is Rage Applying? Meaning, explanation, definition

Due to the many crises that led to numerous companies announcing short-time work, laying off employees and or even having to close down, great frustration has spread among employees. Especially those who came to the labor market highly motivated soon felt that they were no longer valued enough.

In addition to the turbulent situation on the labor market, growing inflation and stagnating salaries also fueled anger and frustration. Particularly younger employees of Generation Z are overwhelmed by the constant crises and react by a special form of application: by Rage Applying. Unlike those who descend into inner resignation, Rage Appliers take not one, but several steps forward.

They apply indiscriminately to a great many different companies, with no particular career goal in mind. Whether this is actually a trend or just a phenomenon that has taken on more than the usual proportions is difficult to prove. Phenomena of this kind have always existed in the labor market, but not all of them have been precisely described or given an individual designation. It stands to reason, however, that more people are dissatisfied with their jobs in difficult economic times than in booming times. Likewise, it stands to reason that in order to find a job at all, people apply indiscriminately. They also probably don’t choose employers as critically as they would under other circumstances.

However, sending out applications for jobs in which one has no real interest is counterproductive. Impulsive applications always run the risk of not looking at the job offer from all angles. There is a high probability that applicants:inside will end up again in a job they are not comfortable with. In addition, the current shortage of skilled workers offers the best conditions for finding a truly fulfilling job – and with much less effort than is involved in Rage Applying.

Changing jobs also allows for significantly higher salaries than an annual salary adjustment at the existing company. It’s not even necessary to send out applications indiscriminately. Rather, companies need to think about how to find qualified employees and retain them.

Is Rage Applying problematic for companies?

It would be an exaggeration to say that employers should tremble as a result of this new trend. While there is a slightly increased risk for companies to lose a qualified employee:in 2023, that was never out of the question at any time. Every company’s management should have an interest in ensuring that its employees feel good at work, because then they are also productive. If employees are frustrated for a longer period of time, they do „duty by the book“ (quiet quitting), go into internal resignation or leave the company.

In a survey of 35,000 professionals by Business Insider, it was found that young people are most concerned about inflation. You view your financial future with great concern. For example, salary plays an overriding role in today’s job search. The importance of money is not materialistic, but existential.

Does Rage Applying make any sense at all?

Rage Applying is not a strategy, but a one-sided reaction to frustrations that play far too large a role. Since considerable effort must be expended, but success remains questionable, the trend is very inefficient. It is hard to understand why employees should go to so much trouble with applications when the labor market just has a huge selection of good job offers ready and you can pick the best of them. Many labor market experts see Rage Applying more as a childish act of defiance than as a sensible solution to a problem, through which applicants do themselves more harm than good. The energy that people spend looking for just any job should rather be invested in a qualified search.

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