What is Mewing? Instruction, explanation, meaning, definition

Translated, mewing means the meowing of a cat. This beauty trend is currently spreading via TikTok and is supposed to provide a firmer chin area. The hashtag has already reached more than two billion views and users are happy to have finally discovered a way to a tighter chin. But this does not require constant meowing – as might be assumed. Rather, certain movement techniques are used here that can define the jawline and chin area.

Where does Mewing come from? Origin, History

The term Mewing can be modified from the inventor of this technique. This movement technique was invented by an orthodontist named Dr. John Mew. However, the technique became famous only through his son Dr. Mike Mew. In fact, he first let videos about this technique go viral in 2012 to reach the public.

If you look around on the young orthodontist’s You Tube channel, you will find quite a few such videos. And videos are posted not only about Mewing, but also about many other orthodontic treatments. Often, his father also plays a major role in the videos. Then in 2018, Dr. Mike Mew claimed on his video channel to have been expelled from the British Orthodontic Society. The reason for this, he said, was his presence on social media channels. Inquiries to the orthodontic society as to whether this was true were not answered by the society. One refers here in particular also to the data protection guidelines. However, an official spokesperson for the society pointed out that the society is entitled to expel a member if he or she is not acting in the general interest.

How does Mewing work? Instructions

The new beauty trend is a technique that involves pressing the tongue against the bottom of the mouth as many times as possible. The result of this is said to be that the teeth realign, giving better definition to the jawline.

Here’s how Mewing works:

  • First, the mouth is kept completely relaxed.
  • Then, the tongue is pressed very slightly upward against the wall and held flat against the roof of the mouth.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the tongue is loose, flat against the palate and not pressing against the teeth.
  • Now a slight pressure should be felt all over the jaw.
  • This posture should be maintained as often as possible.

Advocates of the mewing trend claim that it takes a lot of practice to consistently maintain this tongue position in everyday life. Over time, however, the mouth will adapt to this position and remember to place the tongue in the mewing position quite unconsciously.

Advocates of the mewing trend even recommend maintaining the meow position permanently for optimal results, even when hydrated.

Does mewing really work?

Whether the mewing trend is a reputable technique to tighten the chin area remains doubtful. There is no evidence of effectiveness so far. Of course, one can find numerous positive testimonials from laymen on the Internet.

However, the effectiveness of Mewing has not yet been scientifically proven. In addition, possible consequences of Mewing, such as jaw tension, should not be disregarded. These, too, have not yet been thoroughly researched. However, the biggest concern about this technique is that the inventor of Mewing has been excluded by the relevant dental health authority.

Conclusion on Mewing

The new beauty trend of Mewing is not necessarily a questionable or dangerous technique, yet this technique has not yet been properly researched to substantiate the claims. Mewing and other adult orthotropics have seen a huge online surge in recent years. Whether all these products are a guarantee of a defined chin area remains questionable.

For those who want to try the Mewing, don’t let it stop you. However, complete posture is part of a healthy well-being. This is probably how you achieve higher health benefits rather than simply defeating your vanity.

However, anyone who has concerns regarding speech, jaw line or other symptoms should first see a doctor to discuss this technique of mewing. Also, if pain in the jawline or cosmetic changes occur during the mewing technique, these should be discussed with the doctor.

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