Who is the Huh Cat? Memes, Meaning, Definition, Explanation

The „Huh Cat“ is an internet meme that is used when someone wants to express confusion and shock.

The „Huh Cat“ is an internet phenomenon. Instead of meowing, you hear a Huh sound. To do this, the cat makes a face with its mouth open and eyebrows seemingly raised, as if it were really shocked and surprised.

Who is the „Huh Cat“? Memes, meaning, definition, explanation

The „Huh Cat“ is actually named Ben. Ben lives in Australia.

Original videos of Ben have been and continue to be posted on @planetvenus500’s TikTok channel. This channel seems to belong to his owner, an elderly lady. In the context of Ben, the hashtag #benderchonkycat was also used.

The channel of @planetvenus500 now has over 2 million followers.

Story: „Huh Cat“

The original video of Ben doing Huh has since been deleted. It was published in September 2021. A repost of the video happened on February 12, 2023. In the video, Ben the cat was seen leaning over, making his signature facial expression, and begging for food. (In particular, it is noticeable that it looks like he is raising his eyebrows. Giving him a facial expression of confusion). This video now has over 16 million views.

The original video clip of Ben is seven seconds long. A „Huh“ sound was superimposed over this one.

Where the „Huh“ sound came from is no longer determinable or ascertainable. So the original could not be found.

„Huh Cat“: Meme

By the way, before Ben became the „Huh Cat“, the same clip was already used for the „Bruh Cat“ meme.

The „Huh Cat“ is used in various memes, funny videos and situations. Most often, this is done to highlight that something is not understood. In this context, the „Huh“ means something like: What did you say? I didn’t understand anything. You’re not serious!?

A popular meme featuring the „Huh Cat“ Ben is a video montage featuring the Rambling Goat. The Rambling Goat is a goat is makes inimitable noises.

The seven second image clip with Ben is also distributed on the Internet with a green screen so that anyone can use it.

Spread: „Huh Cat“

The first meme reactions to Ben occurred in late September 2021 from Russian TikTok users. Every few months, a meme about the „Huh Cat“ spread, but it wasn’t until October 2023 that Ben became really popular in the Western world.

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