What is „Everything Shower“? Sense, Why, Explanation

Behind the name „Everything Shower“ hides exactly what can be guessed: A shower that takes care of the whole body. All the products that are available in the bathroom at home are used here. Most distinguish showering either with or without hair showering.

The Everything Shower represents a completely different level. Everything Shower includes the use of several shampoo procedures, peelings and quite a lot of care. However, the use of all these care products should not degenerate into stress, but should be used only what one just feels like.

Everything Shower“ is one of many TikTok trends. The hashtag „everythingshower“ has already been clicked on more than 51 million times.

What is needed for Everything Shower?

First of all, it is necessary to create a beautiful and contemplative atmosphere. To do this, a fragrant scented candle is lit and your favorite music is turned on. Then it goes under the shower, whereby care should be taken that not too hot water is used, as it quickly dries out the skin.

The first shower starts with washing your hair. As an example, you can take here the Kardashians, who explicitly emphasize to use hair shampoo and conditioner necessarily before the shower gel. It should also be rinsed off beforehand so that it does not clog the pores of the skin.

Whether there is any truth in this is open to question, but it can’t do any harm. The hair should therefore first be shampooed thoroughly and if possible – also on the advice of various TikTok users – shampooed twice. Afterwards, a conditioner should be used for care. Hair masks also fit well into the Everything Shower ritual. This care product is left to work in well before it is rinsed out again thoroughly.

Meanwhile, it goes to the body, which also receives a basic cleaning. For this, one uses either a Shower Bar (a bar of soap) and a sponge, with which the body is then completely rubbed. After that, peeling can be started and – whoever wants to – a shave can be done. After that, a nourishing shower gel is used to thoroughly soap up. Finally, rinse thoroughly and get out of the shower.

Is the procedure done after the shower?

No, the Everything Shower Ritual is far from over with the shower. Wrapped in a cozy bath towel, the still damp hair can now be cared for with a hair oil. This prevents split ends and provides the hair with additional moisture. If you now wrap the hair in a towel, the care can be absorbed particularly well. Then it’s time for facial care, where the usual routine can be followed. You are also welcome to use a moisturizing mask.

Now it’s back to the body, which is also pampered with skin-flattering products. There are no limits here, from oil to cream, everything is allowed. However, it is important here that the scent is perceived as pleasant, because it is also part of Everything Shower that the olfactory senses feel good. As soon as skin and hair shine again, you put on your favorite pajamas, wrap yourself in a fluffy bathrobe and spend the evening on the sofa with your favorite book or series. The scented candle from the bathroom may of course be taken along.

Everything Shower as a booster in hectic everyday life

Usually, it’s easy to take a shower while taking care of your body. However, in the hectic everyday life many people forget to think about themselves in the shower and therefore jump only briefly under the water before they go to bed tired and exhausted. But that’s exactly what the Everything Shower is designed to remedy. If it’s just one evening for an hour that you take time for an Everything Shower and thus for yourself, you’ll feel better right away. If you are coming home from work after a hectic and stressful day, you should definitely try the Everything Shower phenomenon.

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