What is Dalgona Candy / Ppopgi? Sugar figures from Squid Game, meaning, explanation

„Dalgona Candy“ or „Ppopgi“ are a classic South Korean candy.

What is Dalgona Candy / Ppopgi? Sugar figures from Squid Game, meaning, explanation

„Dalgona Candy“ or „Ppopgi“ are made from sugar and baking soda. Usually brown sugar or corn syrup is used.

The baking soda gives the Dalgona Candy a sponge-like appearance (with many small air holes) and it becomes very hard.

A figure is then pressed into the „Dalgona Candy“. Baking molds or cookie cutters are used here, such as those known from cookie baking.

Dalgona Candy: sugar figures

For children, the figure is and was part of the fun. Because they started to play a game. The goal was for them to eat the figure free or expose it through a toothpick. This is not so easy, because if the Dalgona Candy breaks, the sugar figure can be broken with it. (Since the sugar mass is brittle, it does not break easily. But if it does break, greater damage can be done.

Children who managed to uncover the figure sometimes even got a reward from the seller. This, for example, was a small toy.

The „Dalgona Candy“ or „Ppogi“ are also known by the following names: Cinder Toffee, Sponge Toffee or Honeycomb Toffee.

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Sugar figures / Dalgona Candy: Squid Game

In the Netflix series „Squid Game“, the participants have as a second task to eat or free the sugar figure in the third episode. It is important here that the sugar figure remains intact. Whoever succeeds in this is one round further. Whoever does not succeed is disqualified.

The participants each get one four figures:

  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Umbrella
  • Star

One may get the impression that the circle or the triangle are the simplest figures. But this is not necessarily true.  The triangle has quite long edges. Even a small mistake in breaking it can destroy the figure. The circle can also become tricky and degenerate into detail work. After all, the edges of the circle have to be broken off in fine work.

The star has short edges. These are easier to break. However, it has a lot of short edges. The umbrella is the most difficult figure. This is because the handle is thin and has a bend at the end. This makes it very difficult to work.

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Sugar figures / Dalgona Candy Challenge: TikTok

The sugar figurine challenge on „Squid Game“ sparked a trend on TikTok. Users baked or cooked the figurines and tried their hand at cutting out the figure in the middle.

Since the recipe is very simple, the sugar figurines can be replicated quickly and easily. You need sugar and baking soda and a cookie cutter.

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