What are „Rat Snacks“? Meaning, explanation, definition

A new trend is currently taking the social media platform TikTok by storm. We’re talking about „rat snacks,“ which are small, hearty meals that can be prepared and eaten with little effort. They serve as a popular way of eating in between meals, especially among young people. As part of the trend, the small dishes are prepared themselves and then photographed or filmed. This is then uploaded to TikTok, causing the trend to spread virtually by itself.

„Rat snacks“ are small bites for proverbial „rats,“ which are a metaphor for teenagers (mostly girls or young women). These rats roam through their immediate surroundings, through the woods or through „lost places“ and need a little snack every now and then to do so. Instead of buying something on the way, they prefer to eat the prepared „Rat-Snacks“.

Especially older people are not familiar with the term „Rat-Snacks“. The following article is therefore intended to take a closer look at the term and its exact meaning. In addition, examples and characteristics of „Rat-Snacks“ will be given.

Definition of „Rat-Snacks“

The term „rat-snacks“ originates from the English language and is composed of the two nouns „rat“ (meaning „rat“ or „rodent“) and „snacks“ (meaning „snack“ or „morsel“). Combined, „rat-snacks“ can therefore be translated as „little snack“ or „little snacks for on the go“.

What is meant here are small, hearty meals that are prepared oneself and then taken along. The snacks often represent a mishmash of pickled foods with dairy or sausage products. They are nutritious and high in calories, providing the body with plenty of energy to tackle exciting adventures.

„Rat snacks“ are also popular, especially in conjunction with the new TikTok trend „Rat Girl Summer,“ as they are perceived as a popular on-the-go snack. At the same time, these serve as a substitute for food available for purchase and are often taken from the refrigerator at home. In the parental home, these are usually available free of charge, which is another indication of the rat as the chosen motif, which fetches food wherever it can find it.

Origin and word origin of „rat snacks“

The TikTok trend „Rat Snacks“ originated towards the end of 2022, or rather in the spring of 2023. Here, TikTokers called for people to experiment a bit in the kitchen and invent new foods. This was to be done by mixing random ingredients together and making them into small snacks. However, the trend of making random food discoveries quickly turned into the „rat snacks“ trend of making small, convenient meals on the go. Accordingly, early TikTokers began uploading short cooking videos, scenes of the finished product, and of eating the „Rat Snacks“ to TikTok around the end of 2022. These then went viral and encouraged more and more female TikTokers to do the same.

What exactly are „Rat Snacks“?

„Rat snacks“ are usually small, handy portions that are mixed together from strange ingredients. Examples include chips with soup and vinegar, pickles with cheese coating, or slices of toast with apples and nuts. The only important thing about „Rat Snacks“ is that they are quick and easy. At the same time, they must be unique and unconventional. After all, you want to keep open the option of maybe making that really big food discovery after all. „Rat snacks“ are therefore very individual and can be easily packed and taken along, where they can be enjoyed as a snack in between meals – for example, together with friendly TikTokers.

What are the characteristics of „Rat-Snacks“?

The bottom line is that „Rat Snacks“ have very specific characteristics. These will be explained in detail in the following subsections. In addition, concrete tips and tricks for the production of „Rat-Snacks“ will be given.


„Rat snacks“ are above all handy. This means that they can ideally be eaten in one bite. Furthermore, this means that „Rat-Snacks“ should also be easy to take along. For this purpose, they are either packed in small Tupperware boxes or wrapped in aluminum foil. Ideally, the small snacks are first wrapped in kitchen roll – this is more absorbent and keeps the „Rat-Snacks“ dry. Then the „Rat-Snacks“ are packed into a bag or backpack, where they can be carried along to exciting adventures. During a short break on the road, the „Rat-Snacks“ must then be appropriately easy to unpack again.

Little effort

A few cuts with the knife, a splash of oil in the small pan or just heat briefly in the microwave – „Rat Snacks“ should be prepared in no time at all. They are, after all, only small bites. The usual preparation time can and should therefore not exceed 3 to 5 minutes.


„Rat snacks“ are in many places rather hearty dishes and consist, for example, of pickled vegetables and dairy products and sausages. Pickled cucumbers, fresh peppers or tomatoes in combination with cheese, vegan pastes or sausage as well as canned meat are accordingly popular. But sweet combinations, such as Nutella with apples or small pancakes are also popular.

Social classification of „rat snacks“

The TikTok trend called „Rat-Snacks“ is particularly well known among a young target group. Here, it can be assigned primarily to the „Millenials“ as well as „Y“ and „Alpha“ generations. Girls and young women in particular are currently helping this trend to become particularly viral. At the same time, the trend is primarily known to users of the social media platform TikTok. Outside of this platform or even among older people, this trend tends not to be understood. Rat snacks“ are therefore a typical TikTok phenomenon, as is also the case with „Rat Girl Summer,“ for example.

Conclusion on the subject of „Rat Snacks“

In summary, then, „Rat Snacks“ are a TikTok trend that glorifies the takeaway of small, homemade and, above all, unconventional snacks. The snacks are composed of savory or sweet components and overall aim to invent new food constellations. Often, the homemade snacks are then taken along and eaten on the go – short films are then made about this, which are then published on TikTok.

The terms „Rat Girl Summer“ and „Street Food“ are related to the term „Rat Snacks“. However, while „Rat Girl Summer“ is another TikTok trend in which girls or young women spend more time outdoors, „Street Food“ represents purchased fast food from food trucks that has not been prepared by the user.

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