What is the „Tomato Girl“ TikTok aesthetic trend? Explanation, meaning, definition

The „Tomato Girl“ aesthetic is a new trend on the social media platform TikTok, in which girls or young women deliberately dress or put on makeup in a rural Mediterranean look. Inspired by the natural clothing and lifestyle of northern and central Italy, „Tomato Girls“ prefer a rather quiet life. They enjoy good red wines, read old books and love walks to the beach, respectively a little swimming session in the sea. „Tomato Girl“ stands for modesty, natural beauty and reflection on the essentials.

In the wake of TikTok’s „Tomato Girl“ trend, this unique look is now being emulated by many girls and young women around the world and integrated into their respective everyday lives. „Tomato Girl“ therefore acts as a refreshing summer trend, spreading the lifestyle and serenity of Italy around the world.

However, many people outside of social media often don’t know what to make of „Tomato Girl.“ The trend and its definition and characteristics will therefore be explained in detail in the following article.

Definition of „Tomato Girl

The term „Tomato Girl“ comes from the English language and is composed of the two nouns „tomato“ and „girl“. Combined, „Tomato Girl“ can therefore be roughly translated as „tomato girl“.

This admittedly meaningless translation points to the motif „tomato“ as the Italian national fruit. The mention of „tomato“ is thus meant to serve as a proxy term for the Italian lifestyle or culture and diet. A tomato is also red in color. The look of the clothing used for this trend is also reddish to copper in color, thus exhibiting a typical Mediterranean tone. The naming of a mere fruit and equating a person with it seems comparatively modest and uncomplicated – which is how this trend can be understood. The word „girl“ also suggests that it is primarily a trend implemented by girls or young women.

Origin and word origin of „Tomato Girl“

The new „Tomato Girl“ fashion trend originated in the spring of 2023 on the social media platform called TikTok, where it was spread by the user „fvlyacelik“. In short videos and pictures, she called for an Italian lifestyle. In detail, to enjoy natural food from the Mediterranean cuisine, as well as dress in Mediterranean tones, such as copper colors, red, terracotta colors. At the same time, natural leisure activities, such as browsing old books, walking on the beach, as well as sports activities were advertised. Via TikTok, this trend spread abruptly among girls and young women. Meanwhile, this is also used as a hashtag.

What are the visual characteristics of a „Tomato Girl“?

The typical „Tomato Girl“ look is composed of the following elements:

  • Reddish hair and slightly tanned skin tone
  • Red dresses, blouses or tops
  • Casual, slightly archaic styles in a country girl look (for example, with floral motifs)
  • Not too much makeup (a natural look is called for!)
  • Loose footwear in the form of sandals or heels

Where are „Tomato Girls“ often found?

„Tomato Girls“ are mainly found on social media as well as in everyday life (preferably outdoors). Within the following subsections, this question will be discussed in more detail. It will also be mentioned how „Tomato Girls“ move in public (whether via social media or in real life).

Social Media

On social media, „Tomato Girls“ post their clothing style and put themselves in the limelight in a variety of situations. Short videos glorifying the „Tomato Girl“ lifestyle are popular. Also popular are situations in which completely normal things are done, such as cooking, eating, reading a book, going for a walk or lying in the sun. Any videos or pictures are then provided with snazzy descriptions as well as hashtags. In this way, the impressions are staged in a (self-)marketing-friendly way and thus spread quickly on social networks.

Everyday life

In everyday life, „Tomato Girls“ can now be found in the countryside as well as in the city. The new fashion trend is considered popular among girls and young women, and is therefore implemented in a variety of situations in everyday life. Among them, for example, when going to university, on excursions in their free time or even at work. Here, the „Tomato Girl“ trend looks natural, elegant at the same time and is suitable for the office not least for this reason.

Social classification of „Tomato Girl“

The new TikTok trend „Tomato Girl“ is especially popular with girls and young women. It can therefore be assigned primarily to the „Y“ and „Alpha“ generations. Followers of this trend are therefore under 20 years old and prefer to use the social media platform TikTok to communicate with like-minded people. Older target groups generally do not understand this trend, as the reference via TikTok is missing. At the same time, this fashion and lifestyle trend is not an entirely new concept, which many people already live this way anyway.

Criticisms of „Tomato Girls“

Although the „Tomato Girl“ fashion and lifestyle trend is comparatively harmless, there are still a large number of critics who find fault with it. The main criticism is that „Tomato Girl“ is just another new TikTok trend that was created for consumer and marketing purposes and is intended to entice young women to buy any clothing they like. At the same time, this trend packages „old things in new garb“ and would then think to have invented something completely new. Also, in the eyes of many critics, this trend seems a bit clumsy and unimaginative – the Italian country girl look has been a trend countless times before. Last but not least, „Tomato Girl“ is equated with the loss of one’s own individuality, as this is transferred to girls and young women via TikTok manipulation.

Conclusion on the topic of „Tomato Girl“

In summary, it can be said that „Tomato Girl“ is a new TikTok trend in the area of fashion and lifestyle, which is strongly oriented towards the Italian (country) lifestyle. In addition to red hair, clothing and Mediterranean diet, this trend also glorifies time-honored leisure activities, such as reading, hiking or sports activities. Therefore, the trend looks comparatively innocent and natural.

Related to „Tomato Girl“ are the TikTok trends „Rat Girl Summer“ and „Blokecore,“ among others. While „Rat Girl Summer“ means that girls and young women should prefer to spend this summer outdoors and „mug around,“ „Blokecore“ describes a certain style of dress in which the typical clothing of the average man can also be donned by women.

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