What does SSBBW mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The term SSBBW comes from the American language. The abbreviation stands for „Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman“ and is made up of the first letters of the words. Loosely translated, it stands for „very large beautiful woman.“ While women with mild to moderate obesity are referred to as BBW, SSBBW means women with extremely severe obesity.

What does SSBBW mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The fat acceptance movement in the United States is committed to fighting discrimination against overweight people. The movement first coined the term „BBW“ for „Big Beautiful Woman.“ The acronym and term find use in dating profiles as a reference to powerfully built women who are slightly overweight or just have strong female physiques. In visual art and fashion, the term is also more often found as a limiting reference.

„Super sized Big Beautiful Woman“ as opposed to „Big Beautiful Woman“ are women who are not only fat, but extremely overweight. The limits are not clearly defined, but usually a body weight of 150 kg or more is meant. In common usage, the term has a romantic connotation and means a woman who is severely obese and is perceived as romantically attractive. This romantic inclination can be a fetish, but it does not have to be. In the adult film industry, fat preference has a high profile, which is also taken as an indication that many people with this inclination do not act out their preferences publicly.

Groups and associations that work to promote acceptance and increase the self-esteem of overweight people now no longer use the terms „BBW“ and „SSBBW.“

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The term Rubensfrau or Rubens figure has a similar meaning, but usually without a gender connotation. The Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens painted voluptuous women with strong feminine curves that corresponded to the ideal of beauty for women at the time.

Men with severe obesity are referred to as SSBHM, „super sized big handsome man.“

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