What does „sasaeng“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The term „sasaeng“ comes from the Korean language and refers to an overly affectionate fan. Such a fan can be not only very intrusive, but in extreme cases, quite dangerous.

What does „sasaeng“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The term „sasaeng“ can appear in very different areas, but its concrete use is almost always in the field of pop music in South Korea. Here, this term has been able to assert itself over the years to a particular extent. In this context, it actually always refers to a particularly unpleasant fan.

A so-called „sasaeng“ displays a very irrational and particularly exuberant behavior. Such a person pursues a regular strategy, which not infrequently can also be characterized by clear transgressions of the rules. (See also: Stan)

But why does a „sasaeng“ ultimately behave so impossibly? Not infrequently, this extreme behavior is accompanied by the desire to be really very close to his idol. It is thereby no means too impassable and also no way too far.

See: K-Pop / Korean dictionary

For the star this situation can become a horror

The main sufferer of this situation is the star, who is harassed and bothered. It is very difficult for him to escape this problem, because especially through the many social networks, harassment no longer knows any boundaries.

If the problems get out of hand, the affected celebrity can only defend himself through increased personal protection. In addition, it should be examined whether legal and police measures need to be applied. If the celebrity forgoes these measures, it can quickly lead to a massive intrusion into his or her personal life. Even dangers for life and limb are here likewise then no longer to be excluded.

A „sasaeng“ often has psychological problems

That one admires a human being very much and would like to see this as often as possible and have close with itself, is up to a certain point surely completely normal and not further precarious. However, if one begins to pursue his idol and to neglect certain duties for it, a countersteering is certainly necessary. As a „sasaeng“, you can often become so obsessed that you can’t get out of this situation without professional help.


Stalking is a particularly popular method of a „sasaeng“. The respective form of this behavior can be very complex. It often starts with a flood of messages on social networks, exaggerated fan mail or even telephone terror. To carry out the latter, you don’t need a phone number from your idol today, because many social networks already offer their users the option of calling each other.

Invasion of privacy

Some „sasaeng“ also manage to penetrate the very personal environment of their star. In doing so, he may visit the star in question at home or even try to follow him after concerts or certain events.


It may be hard to believe, but some „sasaeng“ even go as far as this step and try to kidnap a beloved star. Here it is a question of being finally so really close to the adored person.

Community action

As a „sasaeng“, however, you don’t always have to act as a lone wolf. It happens again and again that smaller groups of fans join together to follow a star. Together, they often feel much stronger and can also encourage each other.

Affection can turn to hate

It quickly becomes apparent that a person referred to as a „sasaeng“ is pushy and unpleasant. In many cases, this behavior also results from too little recognition from one’s own personal environment. It is now tried to get recognition by a star and in addition one is also constantly in thoughts only with this person.

In the special measure it becomes however problematic, if the „Sasaeng“ does not get this acknowledgment and in addition also still the feeling gets with all actions not to be successful. A former idol can now even become an object of hatred. Such hatred results from the experienced frustration and can be suppressed only with difficulty.

Hate in this context is not only very problematic, but most certainly dangerous. A frustrated „sasaeng“ will now try to harm his former idol. In addition to stalking, this can also result in attempts to use violence against this person.

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