What does „Selca“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The term „Selca“ is very popular on the Korean peninsula (especially in South Korea) and enjoys particularly great popularity there. Strictly speaking, however, „Selca“ is not actually an independent word in the Korean language, but merely stands for an abbreviation here. Specifically, this abbreviation stands for „Self Camera“.

What does „Selca“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

In principle, „Selca“ always refers to a self-portrait, similar to the selfie. Here, especially pictures with particularly good resolution are very popular.

However, when taking such a self-portrait, only a few examples with individuals can be found. Very often, smaller, but sometimes also larger groups take pictures of themselves in order to attract attention.

„Selca“ has become relevant especially in recent decades due to ever-increasing digitalization and constantly improving technology. Many young people in South Korea in particular love self-expression and the use of cutting-edge technology.

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Selca: filters and blemishes

In the early days, these self-portraits were less sophisticated, and many a picture actually looked more bad than good. With regard to the representation of one’s own person, however, there are now many more very exciting possibilities. Here, it is primarily high-quality filters that now make a picture shine in a completely new light. One looks on a filtered picture then simply also around a multiple better.

As already indicated, these selfies do not always convey the full truth. The numerous filters can also be used to cover up pimples and other impurities in the skin area. In this way, you more often get more clicks and above all likes, which can then polish up your own ego properly.

It is therefore easy to assume and actually also immediately recognize that with regard to „Selca“ it is not a matter of photographic recordings for one’s own purpose. It is even more about photos that are of particular relevance for the use of social networks.

In South Korea in particular, it is social services such as Twitter that are used specifically by young people and then populated with photos of this kind.

Selca: A sense of belonging

Through „Selca“, a real feeling of togetherness can also develop very quickly. Here, self-portraits are then also uploaded more frequently by groups of friends on the net (especially on social networks).

You then feel like an important part of a group and want to express this feeling to the outside world. Others are supposed to be amazed at one’s own expensive clothes or enormously large circle of friends, for example.

Selca as a trend

„Selca“ is certainly not a trend for the brief moment. In the future, self-portrayal on the net will continue to be of particularly great importance. In the net one can represent oneself besides often better than one is in reality and besides can cover own problems completely purposefully. This then strengthens above all one’s own self-confidence.

„Selca“ may never completely disappear again. Rather, this trend will continue to grow and change its face. In the trend, the static images could then increasingly become moving images. Additional background music with sound could also become much more important.

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