What are Tiktok Ravers? Explanation, meaning, definition

TikTok ravers are techno club-goers who film their visit to the club and spread it on social media.

What are Tiktok Ravers? Explanation, meaning, definition

TikTok ravers film and post on social media what happens before, during and after their club visit. They show how they prepare and dress. They give tips and reveal tricks. (Baby powder) During the club visit they also film themselves and people dancing around them. They show themselves dancing and raving. TikTok ravers also film what happens after the club visit. Here they show how they relax and chill. TikTok ravers document and publish raver life on the internet.

On TikTok, hashtags used in the context of TikTok ravers include: #technotok, #ravetok, #techtok and #technolove.

Criticism of TikTok ravers

TikTok ravers are a controversial phenomenon in techno culture. They are accused of disturbing other guests and that they are not interested in the experience but in self-expression.

The accusation of self-promotion weighs heavily. This is because TikTok ravers post their club visits on social media. Some of their videos receive hundreds of thousands of views. Instead of the experience being in the foreground, the TikTok raver is in the foreground. (A rave is about the music and the experience, not even the DJ should be in the foreground or the centre of attention).

Techno clubs sometimes attach great importance to privacy. Filming and photography are sometimes forbidden. In any case, it is not welcome. TikTok ravers violate this desire for privacy. (There are no indoor photos of Berghain. There is a strict ban on photos and videos).

For other club-goers, TikTok ravers mean, in the worst case, that they have to fear being filmed involuntarily.

TikTok ravers: banned from entering?

The TikTok user „Lilavolken“ spread the information on 4 April 2023 that TikTok ravers will soon no longer be allowed into clubs.

It is said that wanted posters were distributed to bouncers in Berlin so that TikTok ravers would be recognised and no longer allowed into the clubs.

Their message ended with the statement that it will be „intense“ in Berlin.

Lilavolken did not reveal where her information came from. (Source: Trust me bro?) This news does not seem to be a belated April Fool’s joke.

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