„The Last of Us“: Story, History explained

The story of „The Last of Us Part 1“ is a dark utopia and takes place in the year 2033. The game was released for the PlayStation 5 in 2022. Due to the extensive, deep storyline, it can be played for many hours. It gains much of its excitement from the fact that players must solve various tricky tasks if they want to continue accompanying the main characters. By eliminating different levels, they gradually get to the objective. The game ends when all enemies are eliminated and Ellie’s mission is completed.

Storyline of „The Last of Us Part 1“ (Story, History)

The plot begins 20 years after the world was infested by a dangerous fungus. The fungus infects the brains of all living beings that come into contact with it. As a result, those affected turn into repulsive monsters called clickers in the game.

The main male character named Joe has the task of bringing the girl Ellie to Salt Lake City so that the plague can be stopped. This is because Ellie is immune to the fungus and thus could act as an antidote. But before she can accomplish this task, Joe and Ellie must make a journey across the United States. She must be taken to the West Coast, where a research institute is located. Numerous dangers lurk along the way.

The original game „The Last of Us Part 1“ was already nine years old in the year of its release. The new version for the PlayStation 5 convinces with significantly improved graphics. The facial animations are particularly impressive, because the developers were able to use innovative motion capture techniques in 2022. This makes the game look much more realistic than the original version. The gameplay also underwent an improvement. Thanks to the now built-in Dualsense controller, the game player can even feel the pressure in a turn on his own shoulder.

„The Last of Us Part 1“ as a TV series: story, history

Since the beginning of 2023, the New York television channel HBO has been showing „The Last of Us“ as a TV series. From January 15, 2023, the first episodes were to be seen in the UK and the US. In Germany, the TV series will be broadcast by a Sky channel and by WOW. The successful PS game was also to be adapted for the cinema, but this project was abandoned prematurely. The dark survival video game is also very convincing as a TV series.

Joel takes 14-year-old Ellie from the strictly monitored military quarantine zone to a resistance group at the other end of the country. In the process, they both have to complete complex and difficult tasks, such as fending off violent marauders and zombie-like creatures that are after their lives. Little by little, the zombies are eliminated.

Boston is where the Joel and Ellie meet for the first time. Other stops include Salt Lake City, Colorado and Jacksonville. Until Joel meets Ellie, he makes his way as a smuggler in a quarantine area. Joel receives the order to bring Ellie to a research station on the West Coast from Marlene. There, a cure for the Cordyceps disease is to be developed. Marlene is the leader of the resistance organization Fireflies and has raised Ellie.

The gloomy atmosphere is created by the very detailed, natural settings. These are extinct, once populated areas that are now overgrown with plants. Nature has reclaimed its space. Has reclaimed its space. As the plot unfolds, a father-daughter relationship builds between the main characters, Joel and Ellie. More and more people close to Ellie fall victim to the plague and she develops guilt.

A group of survivors build a new home in an old hydroelectric plant in Wyoming. After numerous struggles to survive, Ellie falls ill and Joel takes her to a Colorado hospital with the last of his strength. Here she is to undergo surgery. However, in order to obtain an antidote, Marlene reveals to him that parts of Ellie’s brain must be removed. This means Ellie’s death. But Joel does not want to sacrifice her for the good of mankind. He frees the unconscious Ellie and kills Marlene as well as all of the resistance group who oppose him.

When comparing the TV series and PlayStation game, everyone has to decide for themselves which variant they like better. The TV series and game are similar in large parts, but many different game variants and additional downloadable content make the game extremely exciting and less predictable than the TV series. On the other hand, the series is superior to its actors, whose naturalness cannot be matched by a video game, despite all its sophistication. They are real identification figures.

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