Elden Ring: How to farm runes quickly? Guide, Tips, Places, Enemies

Rune farming is the quick collection of runes with little or no risk of the player’s character losing health. Runes in the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring are the experience gained by the player from victorious battles. They are used in the game as a universal currency. In exchange for runes, players can gain strength, level up their played character or purchase better equipment for it.

Farming runes is necessary for success in the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring, the playthrough. Generally, in the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring, the player can move freely and complete the quests in the game at any moment. Nevertheless, it is important that the player’s character quickly levels up in order to be victorious in battles against bosses and successfully complete the quests.

The places to farm runes (Elden Ring)

A place to farm runes is always where a role-playing game recreates the enemies killed by players, such as monsters, at regular intervals after saving the game state, and then the player can safely attack these enemies again. When attacking, the player’s character is either sufficiently protected from counterattacks or the enemies do not attack him.

In the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring, places to farm runes are the so-called Places of Grace. Places of grace are places for saving the game state. In these places the player’s character is protected from attacks. Places of grace are used for resting, leveling and regenerating the character. Very lucrative Places of Grace can be found in Limgrave, Liurnia and Caelid.

Farm runes in Limgrave: Elden Ring, locations, enemies

Limgrave is the starting area of the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring. This area offers the player four ways to lucratively farm runes.

The first opportunity is offered to the player during the quest „The Cruel Mark“ in the tunnel to the castle before the fight against the boss Margit. The place of mercy is located at the top of the tunnel to the castle. After activating the place of mercy, the player can go back to the tunnel exit. There is a ballista there, with which he can attack the defeated enemies again. Almost all the enemies have their backs to the player. A total of 12 enemies can be defeated. The gain per save round is at least 600 runes.

Two opportunities to farm runes arise at the Place of Mercy near the Tower Bridge of Limgrave. The Place of Mercy is located behind the Lion’s Chamber. The Lion’s Chamber can be reached quickly through the main gate. However, this short path has many dangers. After activating the Place of Mercy, the player can farm runes by defeating either the exiles at the Main Gate or the giants on the Giant Bridge. All the banished at the main gate have their backs to the player. Depending on the damage inflicted, up to 1,300 runes can be obtained per save round.

The Giant Bridge is located behind the Limgrave Tower Bridge. Three giants are waiting as enemies on the giant bridge. The rear giant is armed as an archer. As soon as the player attacks this one first, the other two giants follow him. In the fight, the giants hit each other with their weapons and thus also bring each other down. The fight against the giants is thus much easier. The player only has to dodge the blows of the giants. For each defeated giant, the player receives 1,000 runes.

The fourth lucrative option in Limgrave is the Secluded Cell. The place of mercy is located before the battlefield against the boss Godrick. On the stairs in front of the battlefield is a giant with his back to the player. Victory over this giant, by means of a powerful blow or ashes of war, is rewarded with at least 1,200 runes.

Farm runes in Liurnia: Elden Ring, Places, Enemies

There are three places in Liurnia where you can quickly farm runes. These require the player’s character to be leveled up enough to win even moderately difficult fights.

The first place is the gate city of the academy. At the end of the city, there are a lot of soldiers and a fire giant. Most of the soldiers have their backs to the player. Blacksmith stones can also be farmed here. Killed soldiers drop up to three forge stones.

The second location is the Carian Teaching Hall in eastern Liurnia. The place of mercy is just behind the entrance of the library. Waiting in the library as an opponent is the preceptor Miriam. She is armed with a bow. There are also dozens of ghosts buzzing around the library. Defeating the Preceptor Miriam and a few ghosts will allow you to farm up to 5,000 runes per save round.

The third opportunity arises in Nokstella the Eternal City. There are silver tears. Each defeated Silver Tear creates a shockwave that drags more Tears with it to their deaths. With larger groups of Silver Tears, defeating just one Silver Tear can cause a chain reaction. The runes then only need to be collected.

Farm runes in Caelid: Elden Ring, Places, Enemies

In Caelid, runes can be farmed in the Ruins of Caelem, the Lost Ruins, Faroth Fortress, and from a dragon near Faroth Fortress.

The Ruins of Caelem are located in western Caelid. In the ruins, the enemies are three fire giants on wheels. The player can sneak up on each giant from behind. Up to 5,000 runes can be farmed per save round with a victory over the giants.

In the Lost Ruins, three birds perch on the trees. These birds can be quickly defeated with summons. As a reward for victory, up to 5,400 runes can be farmed per save round.

Faroth Fortress is occupied by bats. Female bats sit on the floor. Male bats hang from the ceiling. The females on the ground can be lured out of the fortress one at a time, making them easier to defeat. The reward is 1,100 runes per bat.

Near the fortress of Faroth lies a dragon. This dragon is obviously a bug in the game. The player can strike the tail of the dragon. The dragon does not fight back. It takes a long time to defeat the dragon using conventional methods. However, several tens of thousands of runes await as a reward for victory.

Conclusion: Farming runes in Elden Ring

Farming runes is necessary to level up the player’s character faster and to acquire better equipment. Not farming runes makes the gameplay much more difficult.

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