All (6) Endings of Elden Ring explained

In Elden Ring, players have the possibility to reach one of a total of six different endings. To reach the different endings, players will have to complete different quest lines during their playthrough.

Age of Fracture: The Ending of Elden Ring

The ending that most players are likely to reach in their first playthrough is the normal ending, also known as the Age of Shatter. After the final boss fight, players can touch the remains of the boss and are given an option to reassemble the Elden Ring. By doing so, the stained themselves become the new Elden ruler and sit on the Elden throne. By doing this, the players have restored the order that existed before the ring was broken, thus giving the interlander a chance to clean up the mess.

The Blessing of Despair: End of Elden Ring

To trigger the Blessing of Despair, players must have completed the quest line from the Manure Eater. The quest line requires, among other things, that players collect six seedbed curses and bring them to the Manure Eater. It is also necessary that they complete the quest from the Black Guardian, the Great Boggart, in order to do so. The Manure Eater will kill Boggart at the end of the quest line to get his seedbed curse.

Once players have obtained the six curses from the Manure Eater, they will receive a Curse Healing Rune. After the final boss fight, they can insert this healing rune into the Elden Ring to usher in a new age. In doing so, the sky will be covered by a reddish plague breath and the Earth Tree will die. The players have invoked the Blessing of the Curse and given the interlands an infested future.

Age of Duskborn: End of Elden Ring

For this ending, players must finish Fia’s quest and touch her sleeping body at the end. They will be drawn into the dream of the deathbed and must fight the Lich Dragon Fortissax there. If they wake up from the dream victorious, the stained ones will be in possession of the Healing Rune of Death.

After the final boss battle, players can use the healing rune to trigger the Age of Duskborn. This will fulfill Fia’s wish, who dreamed of bringing redemption to the interlands in the form of death after killing Godwyn. The Age of Duskborn ensures that all beings in the interlands will die sooner or later under the thick layer of ash that covers the land. Even demigods are not exempt from this curse, so no one has to live forever and – in Fia’s opinion – suffer forever.

Age of Order: End of Elden Ring

The Age of Order is ushered in if players have previously completed the Brother Corhyn and the Gold Mask quest series. During the quest series, the Stained Ones become a part of the Golden Order, which Radagon also worships. Once they have completed the Shattering Farum Azula, players can return to the Gold Mask, which is now located at the Shrine of the Earth Tree. Players will receive the Perfect Order Healing Rune as a reward for their efforts.

When players activate the healing rune after the final boss battle, the Age of Order is declared and a golden glow covers the interlands. Peace returns and chaos is defeated. At least that’s how it seems. For the Age of Order is actually a kind of mass manipulation in which all beings of the interlands are subjected to the will of the Golden Order and can only act according to its dictates. Only the ideology of the order is valid. There is no place for individual thinking and acting.

Lord of the Frenzied Flame: End of Elden Ring

To trigger the Lord of the Frenzied Flame, players must have previously completed Hyetta’s quest line and met the Three Fingers. These former emissaries of the Greater Will have been corrupted and burned by a dark force. Hyetta sees herself as a messenger of the Three Fingers and feels that she must spread the message of this greater power.

Once players have met the Three Fingers and accepted their flame, they receive the Seal of Frenzied Flame from Hyetta. With this, according to Hyetta, it should be possible to burn away the mistakes made by the Greater Will in the interlands.

If the stained ones finish the final boss fight, a cutscene starts in which they slowly walk towards the remains of the boss. Before they can even touch the lifeless body, the stained collapse in pain. When they awaken again, they are wearing a single, large eye enveloped in yellow flames instead of their head, and the Fierce Flame erupts from them to burn the interlands.

Because the Fierce Flame’s sigil is automatically activated, players cannot choose any of the other endings. However, they can pick up the seal if they have Miquella’s Needle in their inventory and use it to seek out Dragonlord Placidusax in Shattering Farum Azula.

Age of the Stars: End of Elden Ring

For the Age of the Stars, players must have completed the quest line of Ranni the Witch and put the Dark Moon Ring on her finger at the Moonlight Altar. Afterwards, if players survive the final boss fight, they will find a summoning sign on the ground next to the remains of the boss. If they activate the sign, Ranni will be summoned.

Ranni turns the remains of the Boss and his runes to dust. She declares that a new age is dawning, in which the inhabitants of the interlands will be guided by the Great Moon, instead of the Greater Will and the Two Fingers. Ranni’s path leads away from the outer gods and down into the darkness. The stained ones will walk by her side, because they have made a covenant with Ranni for eternity by passing over the ring.

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