Black diamonds in Return to Moria: How to get them! Explanation, instructions

black diamond Return to Moria

There is a very simple way to get hold of black diamonds. Let’s keep it short:

  1. Create a new world
  2. Finish off Bolgakh again
  3. Profit

Now comes the detailed version:

Black diamonds in Return to Moria: How to get them! Explanation, instructions

To get new black diamonds, you can take advantage of a Return to Moria mechanic.

When you create and enter a new world, your dwarf always takes his entire inventory with him. This means you can start a new world and already have higher quality equipment with you. This makes battles with opponents much easier.

You can now take advantage of this! You create a new world and simply fight Bolgakh again. (He’s the first big orc boss and you’ll meet him in the mines of Moria.) He’s relatively easy to defeat.

Now to the details:

Preparation is important. Make provisions in the oven. If your dwarf is hungry, you can then eat something.

Take materials for a fireplace, a bed and a repair station. (This is your back-up in case the orcs do finish you off.) Set up camp just before you enter the orc camps and/or start the fight against Bolgakh.

The way:

Simply run through the Western Halls and the Elven Quarter. Once you arrive in the Mines of Moria, run down to the camp (of Balin) and then continue on to the orc camps.

Memorize the way through the western halls and the elven quarter. This will get you through faster. (Don’t get held up in the elven quarter, just run through!)

Then defeat Bolgakh again. He has dropped eight black diamonds on me. The two crates in his camp contained a total of six more black diamonds.

On the way to Bolgakh, I looted three crates with two black diamonds each.
I have now looted a total of 20 black diamonds.

Once you have collected your black diamonds, you leave the world and return to your main world. Your dwarf takes his inventory and all items with him. You should now have enough black diamonds for the mine winch or the grand staircase.

Tip: Destroy the orcs‘ standards first. They ensure that the orcs and their followers spawn again and again.

Then leave the camp so that the orcs respawn. Then return. Now you can loot the crates in peace.

Alternatively: Leave your world and enter it again. This will also cause the orcs to respawn. You can then collect all the items in peace.

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