What about the worn-down ring, Balin’s letter and Durin’s crown? Return to Moria, explanation

What about the worn-down ring? Return to Moria, explanation

You will receive the worn-down ring at the end of the fight against the dragon. The ring is simply under the dragon’s body. (At the level of the dragon’s belly.) After the dragon has despawned, you will see the ring and can collect it.

In version the ring has no use and no function.

The author suspects that this ring may have belonged to Durin and once held great power. But it is now just worthless scrap metal.

What about Balin’s letter? Return to Moria, explanation

You will receive Balin’s letter as a physical object in your inventory during the course of the game. The contents of the letter are entered in your diary. This means that the physical object has no use and simply occupies an inventory slot.

What about Durin’s Crown? Return to Moria, explanation

You will receive Durin’s Crown after killing the Troll King. To the right of the throne in front of Durin’s forge is a destroyed statue. You can rebuild it by using the crown.

What about Khazadstone (Khazad Stone)? Return to Moria, explanation

After you have found the Khazadstone, your dwarf will carry it in his inventory.

In the Secret Tomb of Kings there is a small altar about which it is explicitly stated that the Khazad Stone is missing.

It is not possible for me to use the Khazad Stone. (Version

Author’s comment: Too bad, I would have liked that.

What about the Achievmente „We are running out of jugs of all brews.“? Return to Moria, explanation

The Achievement „We run out of jugs Stelle all the brews.“ is not available. In version there is a bug that causes the runner’s diary in the Dwarrowdelf to not give a recipe. This means that a brew is missing.

Brew kettles, beers, brews, Return to Moria

A brew is missing!

What about Bundushathûr? Return to Moria, explanation

Bundushathûr is mentioned at the end.

Moria consists of three mountains: Barazinbar, Zirakzigil and Bundushathûr.

Bundushathûr is therefore „just“ another mountain.

How do I open the door to the Great Mithril Forge?

Restore the monument of Durin VI and then your dwarf must sing the whole song. He has to sing the whole song. The door will then open by itself.

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