Where can I find mithril ore / diamonds? Return to Moria, explanation

Where can I find mithril ore? Return to Moria, explanation

Mithril ore, Return to Moria

You can find mithril ore in the Barazinbar at a depth of over 300 fathoms. You have to climb down into a crevice or shaft.

Find a dead end in the Barazinbar. This is a room that looks like this:

dead end return to moria

Then find the crevice / shaft in the middle and climb down.

gap, shaft, return to moria

The mithril ore is visually very striking.

Mithril ore vein, Return to Moria

You can mine it with your best pickaxe or Durin’s pickaxe / hammer.

Caution: It is hostile deep in the crevice. After a short time, your dwarf will fall into despair and lose life energy. Therefore, take enough resources with you to build a campfire and a teleporter.

Caution 2: Monsters live deep in the rift. They will attack you. Remember your armor and good weapons.

You will need a total of 21 mithril ingots. (For the Shaz’akhnaman spear and (after the dragon fight) the mithril armor, the mithril shield and mithril weapons).

You need six ore for a mithril ingot. This means you only need a total of 126 mithril ore in the game. That’s all you need. (This applies to version

Where can I find diamonds? Return to Moria, explanation

Diamonds return to moria

Note: This is about diamonds, not black diamonds!

You need nine (9) diamonds for the Shaz’akhnaman spear.

Go to the Dwarrowdelf. Find a dead end there that has a shaft in the middle. (Like the mithril ore. Except that you search in the Dwarrowdelf instead of the Baranzinbar).

Descend the shaft and search for gemstone deposits. These are located at a height of 270 fathoms. Mine them and you will receive diamonds.

The environment in this shaft is also hostile and your dwarf will take damage after a short time. So remember to take enough materials for a campfire and a teleporter.

Shaz’akhnaman Spear: Return to Moria

Shazakhnaman spear Return to Moria

For the Shaz’akhnaman spear you will need:

  • 5 mithril ingots
  • 9 diamonds
  • 6 ironwood
  • 6 scales

I had collected enough scales by then because I had killed every little dragon on the way. Once I’d understood about the shaft, the path was clear. (Incidentally, I was pleased that I could actually climb down there and that they weren’t just there for visual effect).

Note: You can’t start the boss fight without the Shaz’akhnaman spear!

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