„1001 Arabian Nights“ by Ch!pz: song, TikTok, meme, explanation.

The Chinese Internet platform TikTok is always creating new trends and curiosities that cause a stir, especially among young people, but also across all age groups. At the moment, a song by the band Ch!pz is managing to captivate people, and for the whole of November 2022 it is providing dance routines and video clips that are being clicked millions of times. What is this trend all about and why is the song „1001 Arabian Nights“ so hot right now?

„1001 Arabian Nights“ by Ch!pz: dates, info, song

The song was released in 2005 by the Dutch band „Ch!pz“ and was released as part of the album called „The World of Ch!pz“. The song managed to stay at the top of the Dutch single charts for four weeks and reached number two in Austria. In Germany and Switzerland, the song managed to reach the third place of the respective single charts.

The song has the length of 3:07 minutes and belongs to the genre of pop, dance-pop and worldbeat, which can be clearly recognized by the disco sound, characteristic of this type of music in the 00s of the new century. The responsible label was „Universum“ and the songwriters Tony Cornelissen and Allan Eshuijs were involved in the creation of the song. The producer of the album and song was JayVandenberg. Commercially, the song is one of the most successful singles of Ch!pz.

„1001 Arabian Nights“: TikTok trend, dance

Even though this year’s trend is cribbed from and based on the original, there are some noticeable contents that were interpreted differently and in a new way. Since in the original video clip from 2005 the numbers 1 and 0 were formed with the arms and thus contributed to the choreography, it is immediately noticeable that the TikTok trend sets new stimuli here. In 2022, users don’t form the numbers of the song title with their arms, but rather with their hands. In addition, some of the users‘ dance moves are very different from the original. For example, some imitate starting a scooter or motorcycle with their hands shortly after showing the numbers with their fingers. Overall, the movements turn out to be more varied and lively than those of the four dancers and band members in the video clip of the original.

„1001 Arabian Nights“: Content

The song has a title that strongly alludes to the stories of „1001 Nights“ and combines the elements of the tales written down there. Thus, the song takes up the theme of the Orient and deals with the strange and mystical that people in Europe had always associated with this region of the world.

At the time of the partially dark and gloomy Middle Ages, the Orient meant the source of wisdom and modernity to the people of Europe, since the countries of the Orient were far more advanced in many parts of social life. Thus, the subfields of medicine, physics, astronomy and mathematics were able to outdo the West by worlds and clearly outshine it. Scholars of the so-called Occident not infrequently set out for the East to further their education and to learn things that could not be realized in Central Europe for a long time.

The theme of 1001 Nights also meant that a culture of secrets, the hidden and the mystical prevailed there, entwined with many sagas and legends. The smells of exotic fruits and spices in a bazaar, the secrets of a harem, romantic oases full of life in the middle of the great sandy deserts – all this is associated with this theme and is taken up in the song in question. Thus, the band members find themselves in India and have to master all sorts of trials and dangers in the video clip, in order to ultimately help a man gain wealth and prestige.

The clothing of the band members resembles that of explorers and oriental travelers, who in the course of the 19th century increasingly set out for the East and began to unravel the mysteries and legends. Thus, the band wanted to use the clichés to create an exotic and romantic image of the Orient and bring the audience closer to the theme of 1001 Nights. Not insignificant for the trend in November 2022, which washed the song again to the surface and could transport from the depths of the music archives, is also surely the world-wide topic, which spans this world region up-to-date.

For example, in Iran, which together with ancient Persia is very significantly representative of the Orient, there are mass protests and demonstrations for human rights that attract a lot of attention. In addition, the first soccer World Cup in an Arab country is taking place in the same month – the eyes of the whole world are on Qatar. Due to these circumstances, the theme of 1001 Nights in all its splendor is in direct contrast to the brutal reality that currently dominates and threatens the Orient.

Who were Ch!pz?

The musical group Ch!pz consists of four members and comes from the Netherlands. The aim of the group was to appeal mainly to children and young teenagers with simple and catchy song lyrics and melodies. The group was founded back in 2003, which was the initiative of the Dutch children’s channel Fox Kids.

The members of the band are equal parts men and women. The two singers Peter Rost and Kevin Hellenbrand are complemented by the two female singers Cilla Niekoop and Rachel van den Hoogen. The group’s music videos are mostly based on the same principle, combining song and dance in equal measure.

The videos tell stories in which the four band members have to perform heroic deeds in an exotic environment and always have a mission to fulfill. The band also became famous beyond the Netherlands and was able to inspire and attract attention especially in the D-A-CH area in Central Europe through high placements in the single charts.

A conclusion: „1001 Arabian Nights“ by Ch!pz

You can stand by TikTok and his trends as you like – it is undisputed that this song has managed to mobilize the masses and provide a real internet hit. It is always fascinating, even for the neutral viewer, to observe how a song can create a renewed fan base and furor almost twenty years after its initial release.

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