Who is Vlad Ncl? Life, Profile, Biography

Vlad Ncl is a Cypriot streamer, reality TV participant, content creator, crossdresser and cosplayer.

He rose to fame in the spring of 2023 with his pranks in his role as „Belle Delphine on Omegle“ / „Gamer Girl“.

Vlad Ncl: Life, Profile, Biography

Vlad Ncl’s real name is „Vladimiros Nicola“.

Vladimiros Nicol resides in Limassol, Cyprus.

Vladimiros Nicola has worked as a photographer, videographer and personal trainer, among other things.

„Belle Delphine on Omegle“ is a role played by Vladimiros Nicola. Another role is „Natalie Uwu“. In both roles, he dresses up as a woman, wears appropriate clothes and make-up.

Vladimiros Nicol was a participant in the Greek edition of „Big Brother“. He was a Big Brother resident in the sixth season of „Big Brother Greece“. He finished in 15th place.

Vlad Ncl as „Belle Delphine on Omegle“

Vlad Ncl became known for his prank videos in the spring of 2023. For this he cross-dresses as a cosplayer. He wears a wig, make-up and puts on lingerie or tear-away clothes. He simulates the bust size of his role with silicone breasts.

He is active on the video chat platform Omegle as „Belle Delphine von Omegle“. But he also calls himself „Gamer Girl“.

His pranks follow the following pattern: As „Belle Delphine von Omegle“ Vlad Ncl video chats with randomly selected people. He has presumably changed his voice via software so that it sounds female.

In the beginning, Natalie Uwu talks normally to the other person, usually a man. The conversations are usually a business initiation, but sometimes pass off as just small talk. The punch line comes when Vlad Ncl talks in his normal undisguised male voice with a Russian accent. The other person is then usually shocked.

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay originated in Japan and refers to the practice of recreating characters from manga and anime. Novel characters and heroes from video games are also considered in cosplay. It is not only about a costume as authentic and imaginative as possible, but also the behavior of the respective character is imitated. The term is composed of the English words „costume“ and „play“.

Function of cosplay: The point of cosplay is to represent the character faithfully. However, free interpretations or the mixing of several characters are also common. The main focus is the pleasure of the fans. In addition, the costumes used serve as a commercial source of income. Finally, there are some well-known people who generate their income exclusively through cosplay and have several hundred thousand fans.

Development of cosplay in Japan and the West: In Japan, cosplay began to establish itself in the 1980s. Reasons for this can be found, among others, in the copyright on various works. From this developed a creative discussion of the topic on the part of the fans. In Japan, a World Cosplay Summit is held annually in Nagoya with participants from all over the world.
In the meantime, cosplay has won many followers in Western countries and there are also regular meetings and events by the fans there. In Germany, for example, the German Cosplay Championship is held regularly. In addition, cosplay fans appear at various trade shows.

Cosplay in film: In feature films, cosplay has so far played only a marginal role. Rather, the topic is treated in factual documentaries. However, some erotic flicks have cosplay as a theme, including the Japanese film „Cosplay Complex“.

Vlad Ncl: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Instagram: vladnicolaofficial

Instagram: natalie_uwu_official

TikTok: @vlad_ncl_highlights

YouTube: @VladNcl

Natalie Uwu has just over 80,000 followers. On YouTube, Vlac Ncl has over 260,000 followers. (as of May 2023)

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