What is the make-up diet? How does it work? Explanation, meaning, definition

The makeup diet is about not wearing makeup, for a certain period of time. Among other things, there is the 5:2 principle, which has its origins in the USA. Here, make-up is dispensed with on two days. On the other five days, it is allowed to use makeup.

The aim is to reduce skin stress. This is because makeup contains numerous additives that, among other things, clog the skin pores. That is why the trend from the USA has established itself to limit the use of make-up.

How does the make-up diet work? Explanation, meaning, definition

Basically, there are no set rules, so you can vary on your own. The 5:2 rule is a recommended norm, but it is not binding. This is because there is no scientific basis for this numerical value. Past experience has shown that not wearing makeup has been proven to benefit the skin – even if it’s only for two days. The diet has shown to make the skin feel softer and healthier. The risk of skin blemishes is noticeably reduced.

In addition to simply not using makeup, there is the option of using high-quality cosmetics. Ideally, one uses the 5:3 rule on two days a week. On the remaining days, one uses only cosmetics that contain fewer additives. Especially people with sensitive skin should use high-quality products. This can prevent or minimize allergic reaction or other complications.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the make-up diet has its limits. People who are particularly sensitive to cosmetic products should, if necessary, completely avoid cosmetics or limit their use even more. Along with this, there is a lack of relevant studies that are scientifically sound to prove the positive effect of the diet. If in doubt, those affected by skin problems should consult a dermatologist to find alternative methods.

Make-up diet: recognizing high-quality cosmetic products

As already mentioned, it is beneficial not only to schedule cosmetic-free days. Along with that, you should likewise go for quality products. A common problem, however, is that supposed organic cosmetics can be inferior. This is because additives such as „organic“ or „natural cosmetics“ are not legally protected terms. As a result, any manufacturer may declare its products as organic or natural. It is important to check the ingredients meticulously, regardless of the advertising promises.

Manufacturers are adept at cheating. Often, pictures of plants on a product suggest that it is a cosmetic of natural origin. At the same time, the products contain synthetic additives and only a small proportion of natural substances. Consumers should act on their own responsibility and take a close look at cosmetic products. This applies in particular to groups of people who are allergic to certain ingredients.

Ultimately, it is advisable to use certified cosmetic products. Here, buyers have the assurance that the products are natural. In the case of certified natural products, the guidelines are much stricter. There is, for example, the Cosmos seal as well as the NATRUE seal. The products do not contain microplastics and the proportion of natural substances is considerably higher than in conventional cosmetic products.

INCI list – learning to understand ingredients better

Fortunately, there are now legal frameworks that manufacturers must adhere to. Since 1997, a list of ingredients – the so-called INCI list – has been a legal requirement in the EU. INCI stands for „International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients.“ It is helpful to familiarize yourself with the specifications of the INCI list in order to better understand the information on the packaging.

Among other things, the INCI guideline requires that ingredients be listed in chronological order, in terms of concentration content. The ingredients with the highest content are listed right at the front. But be careful: If the ingredients account for less than 1%, the order may be varied. Manufacturers can play this to their own advantage by listing the best substances at the beginning.

It is also important to exercise particular caution when products are purchased online. If important information is missing, which is mandatory according to the INCI guideline, this indicates dubiousness. One should refrain from such products, because significant quality defects cannot be ruled out. Transparency is a first indicator for quality and safety.

Supporting measures for the make-up diet

It is not enough to rely exclusively on the makeup diet. In this regard, there are other ways to influence skin health. There are various detoxification organs that the human organism has: Kidney, lungs, skin, liver, intestines and the lymphatic organs. Along with this, it is significant to keep the big picture in mind in order to rid the human organism of toxins. Therefore, it is not beneficial to focus exclusively on the skin. Detoxifying via other organs also ultimately has a positive effect on skin health. This is because the organs form a detoxification system that has a holistic effect on health.

Among other things, it is helpful to stimulate the metabolism. Sporting activity has a positive effect on skin health, regardless of the type of sport. This is because sweating cleanses the pores. But skin health is just one benefit of many that comes with exercise. Additionally, exercise helps relieve stress and it strengthens the cardiovascular system and more. Away from this, there are other secret tips that help improve skin health. One can massage the skin or treat it with a moisturizer. With the help of additional measures, one can enhance the positive effects of the makeup diet.

Conclusion: What is a make-up diet?

Due to the chemical additives, it is recommended to integrate the make-up diet into everyday life. However, on its own, the diet has limited efficiency due to the lack of scientific evidence. In addition, it is therefore recommended to include other measures to extend the positive effects on the skin. A healthy diet and regular exercise sessions are just a few of the many influencing factors that are ultimately just as significant as the makeup diet itself.

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